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A considerably smaller BC speed limit cash grab

Published August 31st, 2015

I could have ended up paying nearly $1700, but ended up saving over $1130. While I may still have some problems with our speed limits and how they’re devised, I really can’t complain about the outcome of my excessive speeding ticket. Who knew politeness, preparation and a little mea culpa could get you so far?

Blogging renovation part 2: Middle

Published July 6th, 2015

2015 Scotia Half race report

Published June 29th, 2015

A long overdue update

Published May 31st, 2015

Blogging renovation part 1: Genesis

Published May 24th, 2015

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My passions are animals, health and fitness (and my family first); I'm a cyclist and runner at heart. A lot of what ends up on this site pertains to those things. I gravitate to things that are grounded, pragmatic, logical, accessible and free from dogma. Beyond that, I'm a Higher Education web monkey. Many years ago I used to play drums and work in technical theatre. I still do the former (though not organized, as in, part of a band at this time), while my theatre days are long, long behind me.

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Run (Vancouver, BC): Distance: 11.1km, Elevation Gain: 99m, Moving Time: 00:52:19, Average Speed: 12.7km/h

Ride: Distance: 26.2km, Elevation Gain: 0m, Moving Time: 01:00:00, Average Speed: 26.2km/h

Run (Burnaby, British Columbia): Distance: 5.0km, Elevation Gain: 27m, Moving Time: 00:22:11, Average Speed: 13.6km/h

Ride (Burnaby, British Columbia): Distance: 10.9km, Elevation Gain: 153m, Moving Time: 00:27:50, Average Speed: 23.4km/h

Ride (Vancouver, BC): Distance: 6.8km, Elevation Gain: 58m, Moving Time: 00:15:57, Average Speed: 25.4km/h