Donald Trump is saving me at least $1200

There are many theories as to how Donald Trump got himself elected. What’s been happening since is truly frightening. It’s cold comfort that this may well end up saving me some cash because I want nothing to do with that country right now.

A Victoria birthday weekend with a (better) half

It’s been a number of years since I did the Victoria Marathon half or full, but I’ve often come over for other events or just for a long weekend getaway. It was nice to have a great weekend there with my better half and to do the same race, at the same time.

Should Pit Bulls be banned?

Their owners love them, while victims advocates and some members of the media think they should be banned. Is the hysteria warranted, or is there a better way to deal with dog bites and attacks? Let’s all take a step back and think this through a little.

Blogging renovation part 4; Contractor

I waited over eight months since we finished renovations to post my thoughts on the contractor, to remove (most of) the emotional component. While the work ended up ok, the two glaring weaknesses they brought to the table were project and budget management.