A good start

While it wasn’t an explicit 2015 goal in my 2014 year-end review, I wanted to write a bit more on my journal. So, I guess this is the start of that, as well. However, it’s not the main reason I’m writing this very short update. My main reason for hopefully doing these on a somewhat regular basis is to try to keep myself on track.

The good news is, with the exception of our renovation planning (which is stuck on acquiring an oddly dimensioned refrigerator prior to planning out the counters and cabinets), I’m making good early progress on the things I want to change.

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If there’s one unfortunate byproduct of Vancouver’s off-leash dog parks, it’s clueless owners. Don’t get me wrong. I love seeing a couple pooches hamming it up, running around like lunatics and generally getting their dawg on – when the owners have both purposely come to an off-leash park for this reason.

Unfortunately, there’s a special breed of dog person who has their animal off-leash at all times, everywhere. We may see a bit more of it because we live right by one of the larger off-leash parks in Vancouver, but it’s all over our neighbourhood.

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2014 in review

In terms of big things, 2014 was pretty subdued for me, and the second half of the year was downright sparse. That can often be a good thing. Without further adieu then, a general inventory of my year, with a hint of planning for the next one.

Early on

Patullo BridgeGoing back to January, I was fresh off a lovely expensive gift, courtesy the Surrey RCMP on Christmas Eve 2013. I waited until the last opportunity I could do so, and registered my dispute in late January. As of this writing, it’s a year and seven days since the ticket and over eleven months since the dispute was registered. Still no news on a court date.

Chilly Chase medalI started my planned year of racing with the Vancouver Chilly Chase in mid-January, ostensibly a warmup for the First Half, so run at a fairly conservative pace due to having eased back into slightly higher mileage. As I gave my Achilles a pretty good tweak and didn’t end up doing the First Half, I wished I’d pushed the Chilly Chase a little harder, but still I got 9th overall and had a good run.

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All I want for Christmas …

As my thoughts turn a little bit to the past year and what the coming one may bring, I give you my musings on the way I’d like things to be. I don’t spend too much time regretting things I’ve done, nor do I make a bunch of new year’s resolutions to simply break when they become difficult to maintain for this reason or that.

Assuming I write one, my year in review will come in about a week. No, this is more what I wish for – or not, as the case may be – in general terms. Part melancholy, part aspirational, the things I could do without, the things I like the way they are and the things I’d like to see more of …

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The awkward relationship between the BC SPCA and meat

I’ve always had difficulty with the relationship our society has with animals. Most people I know feel real compassion when companion or wild animals are treated badly or hurt. We donate, run, walk, cycle, and do any number of things to help rescue them, and often go to our local SPCA branch to adopt a new friend who needs a home. For some reason we don’t generally feel the same way about food animals. My take is that standards for treatment of any animal should be exactly the same. I only include the image above – from the Toronto Vegetarian Association – in respect to the SPCA’s distinctions of animals worthy of certain levels of protection.

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