2014 Pacific Populaire ride report and quarter pole assessment

finishers pinI don’t have nearly as much to say about the 2014 Pacific Populaire, as I did in 2011. I’ve done a lot more, and significantly longer, rides in the three intervening years. I’ve managed a few 60-80k road rides this year and been fairly consistent on the trainer over the winter. As well, my bike fitness is a fair bit better than three years ago, too. I will say that the weather was pretty much the same as in 2011.

I also rode most of the 2011 version with a couple friends, whereas while I tried to find some New West folks I’ve ridden a little with today, I ended up doing this one solo. I didn’t really approach it as any kind of race, but I did want to ride with a bit of an edge, since I’ve got the 270k Victoria Granfondo in 2.5 months, so I wanted an early season gauge. I guess it’s decent that I knocked about 20 minutes off my riding time from three years ago.

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