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2015 Scotia Half race report

Published June 29th, 2015


Not too bad a day, considering … Considering, that is, my continually interrupted training – a calf strain, a cracked/bruised rib, a head injury and a back strain – and the heat. It was toasty. So, while this race was a huge deviation from what I wanted, given that lengthy list of issues, coming in 14th in my age group wasn’t too bad.

A long overdue update

Published May 31st, 2015

Blogging renovation part 1: Genesis

Published May 24th, 2015

I’m not really a unicorn

Published May 7th, 2015

2015, the year of the half

Published March 4th, 2015

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Run (Vancouver, BC): Distance: 8.2km, Elevation Gain: 115m, Moving Time: 00:40:22, Average Speed: 12.1km/h

Run (Vancouver, British Columbia): Distance: 21.4km, Elevation Gain: 229m, Moving Time: 01:36:41, Average Speed: 13.3km/

Ride: Distance: 20.2km, Elevation Gain: 0m, Moving Time: 00:45:00, Average Speed: 26.9km/h

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My passions are animals, health and fitness (and my family first); I'm a cyclist and runner at heart. A lot of what ends up on this site pertains to those things. I gravitate to things that are grounded, pragmatic, logical, accessible and free from dogma. Beyond that, I'm a Higher Education web monkey. Many years ago I used to play drums and work in technical theatre. I still do the former (though not organized, as in, part of a band at this time), while my theatre days are long, long behind me.