We’re easily sold a bill of racist (and other BS) goods


Depending on which poll you believe, 67%, 68%, 72%, or 82% of Canadians agree with Stephen Harper, that women shouldn’t wear a niqab during citizenship ceremonies. The excuse given is that it contravenes our standards, customs or some other Canadian thing that the offended person pulled out of their ass. Filter out the fact that, natives aside, North America is an immigrant melting pot with tons of traditions, and Harper’s Canadian customs quickly become early immigrant white customs.

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Blogging renovation part 3: Revelation

Over-counter pots

This post is long overdue. In fact, other than a couple small things being taken care of presently, our renovations have been finished for over a month and a half. We waited for ages for the final invoice and are now working through some final billing issues with the contractor, so it really hasn’t felt complete, yet.

However, since it is finished and we’ve been living with our updated spaces for a while, I thought I’d share some final pics, even though one or two did get leaked via various social media. For the most part I’ll let the photos below do the talking. Check out my previous posts if you want to see things at the beginning or middle of the project, to see where we came from.

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A considerably smaller BC speed limit cash grab


It’s been quite some time, twenty months and one week to be exact, since I was given an excessive speeding ticket on Christmas Eve 2013. You can read all about the incident here. That’s a rather long post that also outlines my feelings on the logic, or lack thereof, with regard to how speed limits are determined and used, seemingly, more to extract cash than to balance the safety and movement of people.

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Blogging renovation part 2: Middle


In my first post about our renovations on May 24th, I wrote about the scope of the job and included a few pics of the areas to be renovated, the weekend before they were to begin. Generally, things have progressed quite well so far. There have been a few small glitches along the way, as with virtually all of these kinds of things, but so far we’ve found the contractors to be conscientious, unfailingly polite and very nice to work with.

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2015 Scotia Half race report

This will be a very short race recap. Originally, I’d wanted to focus on a few key half marathons and work hard to get my time back under 1:30. I had a pretty good start to that with the First Half in mid-February. Coming in just a touch over 1:31, I felt that with a solid season and no major injuries, shaving a minute or more off my half time should be more than doable. Things have changed, and there was a little heat.

As you can see from my tentative plans back in March, I’d been thinking about a mix of longer cycling events and running focused on half marathons or prep races, with possibly something longer in the fall. Hitting the halfway point of the year, I can only describe the past three or four months as a gong show, and I only mention these issues at all as rationale for why I’m pretty much beginning from square one again now.

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