420 Vancouver

Tomorrow will be April 20th, and that can mean only one thing. Weed. Or, more accurately, the celebration of weed known around the world as 4/20. In Vancouver, the 2019 version takes on greater significance than in the past. It’s the first year that marijuana is legal in Canada, it’s … Read more

A new chapter, part 2

Previously, I wrote about my new job and our decision to move to Victoria. Since then, we’ve sold our condo (faster and for more than expected), moved all our stuff over many many U-haul ferry trips, and life has finally almost returned to normal.

A new chapter

I didn’t bother doing a year-end wrap up blog post for 2018. I haven’t been journalling much at all, and it was a pretty quiet year for the most part. Plus, those kinds of posts have always felt forced, as if I should have something profound to say as the … Read more