The awkward relationship between the BC SPCA and meat

This love/eat campaign is NOT what I'm talking about

This love/eat campaign is not exactly what I’m talking about

I’ve always had difficulty with the relationship our society has with animals. Most people I know feel real compassion when companion or wild animals are treated badly or hurt. We donate, run, walk, cycle, and do any number of things to help rescue them, and often go to our local SPCA branch to adopt a new friend who needs a home. For some reason we don’t generally feel the same way about food animals. My take is that standards for treatment of any animal should be exactly the same. I only include the image above – from the Toronto Vegetarian Association – in respect to the SPCA’s distinctions of animals worthy of certain levels of protection.

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2014 Victoria Granfondo; riding ugly

course elevation pic

My back/quads bitched about 400 meters of gain over 30km of riding

Don’t let the title of this post fool you. On most any count that matters, it was a great day. The ugly was pretty much all me and my legs. I can’t really complain because the weather was great, the course was beautiful, the on-course volunteers killed it, and I had no mechanicals or bike-related issues. I was probably a good 40 minutes slower than I’d hoped, but pretty much anything can happen during 264km on a bike with lots of climbing.

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A fine BCPSEA and BCTF mess

British Columbia public school teachers, represented by the BCTF, are undertaking rotating job action this week (and next, we just learned) to back contract demands. From Monday to Thursday, kids will be out of school one day per week, per district. Limited administrative job action began in April.

The BCPSEA, the bargaining agent for the government, retaliated by first announcing teachers would be docked pay and soon after, issuing a partial lockout notice of their own, followed by a clarification of the lockout. The lockout/pay docking caused a lot of confusion amongst teachers and the public alike.

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Brody the rescue dog

shake a paw imgAfter Darby left us in the fall of 2013, it was really hard thinking of adopting another dog for some time. We felt robbed of time we expected to have with her, and given that we confer people-like status to furry friends in our house, the thought of another dog almost felt like we were replacing her. Whether people or animals, one really isn’t replaceable by another.

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