Should Pit Bulls be banned?

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With recent media coverage of dog attacks, municipalities such as Surrey are considering revisions to their dangerous dog bylaws. A June 20th attack on a senior there was the latest high profile incident. In this particular case, the owner took off after his dog caused serious injury, forcing the police to hunt him down. The dog’s been surrendered for euthanasia, with the owner apparently facing no charges. There are a lot of things wrong with that, but using it and similar incidents as rationale to ban Pit Bulls outright would just be another wrong heaped on a pile of wrongs.

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Blogging renovation part 4; Contractor

Tape mesh showing through

It’s between a little over eight months since we finished substantial kitchen and bath renovations. I waited this long to post my thoughts on the contractor, to remove (most of) the emotional component.

We hired Aero Kitchen and Bath in spring 2015 to do the work, plus some additional tile on two small landings and a basement bath (which also included some new drywall and paint). We were assured they could work with both our timeframe and our budget. Unfortunately the two glaring weaknesses they brought to the table were project and budget management.

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2016 BMO Vancouver Marathon; a brief report


This is a reasonably brief report, as I decided to go a little in-depth about my training experience before I ran, so that it wouldn’t be tainted with whatever happened at the race.


From early Saturday afternoon onward, I focused on relaxing, walking as little as possible, continuing my carb load and getting my head around my first marathon in several years. I knew it would be clear and warm, so my favourite Castelli skull cap and a singlet was a no-brainer, along with my six gel Hind shorts, my CEP compression sleeves, and my favourite fast shoes, the NB1400v3 (almost) flats.

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It’s all over but the marathon

Ready to run

I wanted to write this before I ran so, regardless of how the day goes, the training will be documented from my pre-race perspective. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with the marathon. Beginning with the 1998 Vancouver Marathon, I ran at least two a year for a few years and had results that made me very happy and … not so much – everything from 3:06 to 3:41. My frequency dwindled starting around 2005 and I only ran three more, the final being the 2009 Boston Marathon.

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We’re easily sold a bill of racist (and other BS) goods


Depending on which poll you believe, 67%, 68%, 72%, or 82% of Canadians agree with Stephen Harper, that women shouldn’t wear a niqab during citizenship ceremonies. The excuse given is that it contravenes our standards, customs or some other Canadian thing that the offended person pulled out of their ass. Filter out the fact that, natives aside, North America is an immigrant melting pot with tons of traditions, and Harper’s Canadian customs quickly become early immigrant white customs.

You know, old stock Canadian customs.

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