1 week to Boston – home stretch

I’ve decided for this race to really pull back and taper as well as I can, particularly since my last big week was late in the game. You always go through this mental game during the taper of worrying about losing fitness prior to the race. Cutting back a lot will always deliver better race results than too much mileage too late. I decided to drop down to 20 miles this week, doing two five milers and a 10 on the Sunday. This is not going to be spectacularly fast, but feels as though it might be a solid one. I’m avoiding time goals, but expect to be 3:15-3:30.

I also kept my weight at just over 163 for two weeks, but I expect it to rise tomorrow when I do the weigh-in due to a week of lower mileage and Easter weekend snacking. I’d hoped to get down under 160 for the race, but unless I really keep the calories low while I finish tapering, it’s not likely. However, I do expect to set up a good training program with cycle commuting, core strengthening and weights, and about 30 miles a week of running ongoing. The only race I’ve got coming up is a late June half marathon and my focus after Boston will be to get a little faster for that.

This week was complicated by the need to spend the majority of it doing a final paper for my current course and a facilitation exercise, so I’m glad I wasn’t doing a big run on the Sunday. I had intended to hook up with running folks I haven’t seen in a while, but brutally wet, cold weather coupled with a desire to get that final paper done, saw me put off the final mid-distance run before the marathon until Monday. That gave me a full week until the race, so that’s fine.

All in all, I found myself a bit lethargic this week. Not awful, but things were a bit uninspired and a tiny bit slow, but not to worry at this point. Pretty much all runs have solid negative splits again. This coming week is really easy stuff, with a 20-30 of easy running on Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, with probably a few strides and a bit of race pace stuff in the mix. It’s all about low mileage and race specific timing.


Mileage: 20.79 miles
Monday weigh-in: 163.2


I gave my legs three days to recover from the last long run and did a brisk 5 miles on a nice, cool night. Went to the Burnaby Lake boathouse and back from work, which is almost five miles on the nose. Good negative split too.

Workout: 5.06 miles @ 35:25 … 7:00 pace, Avg HR 149, Max HR 164
Split 1: 2.50 miles @ 17:49 … 7:07 pace, Avg HR 144
Split 2: 2.56 miles @ 17:35 … 6:52 pace, Avg HR 154


The second of my mid-week five milers was pretty bad. I left it until 7pm after a whole day of paper writing and no food for some time. The run also started uphill and I just never got a good pace back. Both splits were about :20 per mile slower than I expected. This IS a taper week, right?

Workout: 5.90 miles @ 43:52 … 7:26 pace, Avg HR 150
Split 1: 2.50 miles @ 19:08 … 7:39 pace
Split 2: 3.40 miles @ 24:43 … 7:16 pace


Sunday came around, it was pissing rain and I figured I was better off to finish my paper as much as possible, so I put the run off until Monday. It worked out very well, as I had a crisp, sunny morning. The Easter holiday allowed me to do that. This wasn’t a really long run anyway. It started slowly with a long, gradual uphill, but did pick up a bit and ended up being OK.

Workout: 9.83 miles @ 1:11:43 … 7:17 pace, Avg HR 150
Split 1: 4.67 miles @ 34:54 … 7:28 pace, Avg HR 148
Split 2: 5.16 miles @ 36:49 … 7:08 pace, Avg HR 152