10 weeks to Boston – heavy legs

This week promised to be much better than last, and it was in some ways, not so in others.  The weather was pretty good and I kept the mid-week mileage a little lower, anticipating my first twenty mile run of this training schedule, with good runs.  While Tuesday’s run was not bad, the legs were very heavy the rest of the week and my long run was one of the worst in memory.

My weigh-in held pretty steady despite the previous week’s illness shortened schedule.  I think I just cracked the highest weekly mileage thus far, but I’m definitely on the low side of where I should be.  Having said that, I’m staying healthy and keeping my expectations modest.  This coming week will be short by design, as I have a half marathon race next Sunday.  It’s going to be very interesting to see where I’m at on the racing front.

The biggest thing will be that in the remaining nine weeks of training after next week’s half marathon, my Sundays will probably have one 18 miler, two 20’s and one at 22-23, so we’ll see how it goes.


Mileage: 30.69
Monday weigh-in: 167.4

Mild evening, legs felt a little heavy from Sunday, but not bad.  Ball of right foot tends to be a little tender after runs these days.

5.38 miles, max HR 171

1.59 mile warmup @ 12:31 … 7:51 pace, 2:00 rest
6 x 400m intervals, 1:00 rest
1:42, 1:42, 1:35, 1:32, 1:28, 1:28, 2:00 rest

1.97 mile cooldown @ 16:15 … 7:44 pace

Mild weather run to/from far end of Deer Lake.

4.99 miles @ 36:07 … 7:14 pace, Avg HR 151
– split 2.5 @ 18:12 … 7:17, Avg HR 147
– split 2.49 @ 17:55 … 7:12, Avg HR 155

Kept this run easy and short, anticipating my Sunday 20-miler.

4.21 miles @ 31:25 … 7:27 pace, Avg HR 145

While I’m very disappointed that I didn’t do 20 miles as scheduled and the run was slow, I was pretty happy to get through 16 miles, since I started dehydrated and wondered if I’d even get through 10. I really struggled after 14 miles and can’t remember the last time I had a long interval with a pace over 8:00 per mile.

16.11 miles @ 2:06:27 … 7:50 pace, Avg HR 150
– split 9.93 @ 1:16:26 … 7:42 pace
– split 6:19 @ 50:01 … 8:05 pace