12 weeks to Boston – speeding up

Maybe this past week should have been ‘Recovery Week, part 2’ since I upped my mid-week mileage but reduced my long run. All in all, it’s working well so I won’t fret and I was back up to virtually 30 miles. This was the beginning of phase 2, which sees speedwork and power become a little more important week-by-week over the next 4-6 weeks. Both Tuesday and Friday runs this past week should have had stride sessions. Since I didn’t know what the week held and had to go short on a treadmill on Tuesday, I just made that entire run a fairly brisk interval session.

Beyond that, my weight last Monday was down ever so slightly. I saw a nice dip this morning (I’m usually writing these on Sunday, but I’m late this time) so my weekly weigh-in next week is a bit nicer. I had hoped daily cycle commuting would be playing a larger role, but since we’ve had unusually cold overnight temperatures dipping below zero, I’m not into skidding around on the streets in the mornings. Here’s hoping for a warming trend soon.

My goals this coming week are to hit 34-36 miles overall, weave just a bit more rolling hill stuff into the longer runs, and to begin differentiating my shorter runs by going a little harder and driving the average HR up. If there’s one nice development at the moment it’s that most of my runs, long and short, are coming in with slightly negative splits.


Mileage: 29.91
Monday weigh-in: 168.4


8 miles (w/8X100 strides) scheduled. Had to use a treadmill, so did a shorter run with longer intervals. No HR data.

2 miles @ 7:15 pace
1 mile @ 7:00
1 mile @ 6:45


The first part of this route is much harder than the last with about 200 feet of net ascent in the first 6 miles and about 200 feet of net descent in the last 3 miles. Was able to reduce the pace by almost :30 for those last three and do a negative split.

8.61 miles @ 1:06:04
7:33 pace, Avg HR 150


A cool, clear night without my Garmin. No HR or actual, just gmap pedometer. Negative splits yet again.

5.06 @ 37:43 … 7:26 overall pace
– split 2.53 @ 7:30
– split 2.53 @ 7:24


Didn’t quite do the full 14 I’d thought about, but did more than the 12 I scheduled. More negative splits.

12.24 @ 1:33:07
7:36 pace, Avg HR 151
– split 7.00 @ 7:38
– split 5.24 @ 7:34