13 weeks to Boston – a recovery week

Under normal circumstances I might not have used this week as a recovery. And, I guess it’s hard to call a week where you still increase your long run a recovery week, however, I reduced the mid-week runs to two with a total of a little under twelve miles. It turned out to be a pretty good decisions as my first run of 16 miles felt pretty good.

I got pretty busy with a paper and ended up dropping all cross-training, with only one cycle commute, so I’ll just make sure I ramp things up next week and hit 35-36 miles, beginning to focus a little on speedwork. I held strong at the same weight and would really like to get my cycle commuting regular enough to help me drop a pound or two (or my snacking down a bit).


Mileage: 27.88
Monday weigh-in: 168.8 (again)


Missed the scheduled strides, but did a bit quicker, though not ‘tempo’ run. Nice day, good weather. Started with a big downhill, but timed it at 1 mile intervals anyway. The first two were artificially fast because of the downhill, then settled into a 7:20-ish pace and then picked up the last .66 mile.

4.66 miles @ 33:55
7:16 pace, Avg HR 152
Mile splits at @ 7:03, 7:16, 7:22, 7:23 and .66 @ 7:15 (zipping home bit faster)


No Garmin, so distance is based on gmap-pedometer, with chrono timing. Nice evening.

7.22 miles @ 53:37
7:26 pace
– split 2.94 @ 21:32 … 7:20
– split 4.28 @ 32:05 … 7:30 (this is when I did all the uphills)


This one went all along the waterfront from Ontario/2nd to halfway up UBC hill and back. A nice negative split on a beautiful day with a bit of fog and nice weather.

16.00 miles @ 2:01:11
7:34 pace, Avg HR 151
– split 8.00 @ 1:00:49 … 7:36 pace
– split 8.00 @ 1:00:22 … 7:32 pace