14 weeks to Boston

The weather keeps improving so that is a very good thing. The first week back after the Christmas break would have been nice for cycle commuting, but the roads weren’t supporting that yet. There’s always the coming week to get that back into gear. While I have no residual pain in my abdominals, I do still have a bit of tightness after the longer stuff and that’s a bit disconcerting because I took so long off, developed a solid regimen of rehab and strengthening, and am being so cautious as to how I get my running back.

While my medical exams and physio consultations had indicated that the lack of swelling and pain to the touch meant it wasn’t a hernia, where the tightness is and some of the reading I’m doing suggests it might be a mild one. I will be getting further medical opinions and considering my options, though I should be able to train for Boston and do the race by being smart and supporting the area properly.

I tried a slightly different strategy this week and did only three runs – 2 eight milers and then my longer 14 on Sunday. While I’m not trying to lose weight per se, I think it would be great if I could drop 10-15 pounds over my training, as it would make the race that much easier and faster. I’m also going to start including a brief note on my weights and cycle-commuting to give a solid weekly activity summary.


Mileage: 30.76
Monday weigh-in: 168.8


Easy upper body weights and core balance/stability workout.


8.35 miles @ 1:02:25
7:28 pace, Avg HR 151
Pace and HR seem a little more accurate with fewer stops and starts.


Very thorough core, balance and stability workout, with light full body weight workout.


8.00 miles @ 1:00:12
7:31 pace, Avg HR 145
Cool, with a bit of light drizzle by the end, still having trouble with some sidewalks and need to change route throughout. HR is probably still artificially low so far throughout training.


14.41 miles @ 1:51:06
7:43 pace, Avg HR 150
Took it a bit easier on my longest run in over a year, a much better one than my 11 miler the previous week. Tested wearing a simple hernia/groin support and compression shorts. Having the benefit of writing this on Monday, there seems to be solid evidence to continue use. Weather was very good – cool, cloudy and no precipitation.