15 weeks to Boston

This week was probably not as bad as last, weather-wise. However, I’m making sure I ease into higher mileage a little more slowly than I had planned, so my mileage is only a tiny bit longer than last week. I’m paranoid of fragile abs and groin muscles, so I make no apologies for changing my strategy. Still seeking a little more pace consistency and will pop 30 miles next week.

Again, I had to use the treadmill a bit, and my long run was about three miles short due to an inexplicably bad run. All in all, it’s a slow build into the mileage and I’m feeling good so far, so that’s the main thing.

Week’s mileage: 26.93


3.1 miles treadmill @ 22:15
7:10 pace
Solid core and stretch routine, and very short upper body weights afterward


6.81 miles road @ 49:12
7:13 pace, Avg HR 141
– 3.84 @ 7:28 pace
– 2.97 @ 6:53 pace (1/2 marathon roughly)
Should have been 8 miles but roads extremely icy, had to alter route several times


The weather was again a problem so the last portion of this run, including the strides, was done on a treadmill, while the first 4.6 miles was done on the road. Slushy, icy and somewhat slow conditions.
4.6 miles road @ 34:09
7:24 pace, Avg HR 147
(last part of run, including strides – 1.4 miles @ 11:20)
– 4 x .1 mile
– 1 x .2 mile @ 6:00 pace
– .1 mile walk break between
Solid core and stretch routine, and very short upper body weights afterward


An awful run. Most roads were passable, but I simply didn’t have legs or decent cardio today, with a difficulty keeping my HR up. I was considering going shorter than the 14 I’d planned, so the distance wasn’t a huge issue, but my pace was close to :20 off.
11.02 miles @ 1:25:49
7:47 pace, avg HR 143
Roads not too bad, but bitter headwind from the east