16 weeks to Boston

This past week was pretty challenging, but I’m rather proud of myself, in that I only managed to miss about three of my 26 miles of running. Plus, everything is feeling pretty strong right now, as long as I stick with my core balance/stability exercises and stretch in all the right places after my run.

While I did have to do some treadmill running, I managed to get out on the road for two of my four runs, including today’s 12 mile slush-fest. I ended up moving a couple workouts, but I didn’t skip them and that’s the main thing.

The picture at right is just south of my house and was taken on Christmas Eve. Needless to say, earlier in the week I was on the treadmill. Click on it to see full-size, and a few other morsels from the worst Vancouver snow in at least a decade.

Planned mileage: 28 | Actual mileage: 25.92

4.5 miles treadmill @ 32:00
7:05 pace, intended to do all together, but a bio break forced intervals:
– 2 miles @ 14:30 … 7:15
– 2.5 miles @ 17:30 … 7:00
Easy upper body weights afterward.

5.98 miles road @ 45:54
7:40 pace, average HR: 153
– 3.0 miles @ 23:22 … 7:47
– 2.98 miles @ 22:32 … 7:33
Cool weather run on icy, wet, slushy streets.

5k treadmill @ 21:57
7:05 pace
Easy upper body weights afterward.

12.34 miles @ 1:32:59
7:32 pace, average HR: 146
Clear and mild, but some slushy roads.