17 weeks until Boston

There was nothing remarkable about my running for the first week of training. I’m not sure if I’ll detail future training posts individually or with just a weekly recap like this – likely the latter. I’ve taken a marathon training program and modified it a bit to keep it to four regular days of running per week, to keep the other pieces of my life sane. With the family, the work and the Master’s degree, time is not something I have in abundance. I have the whole 18 weeks scheduled in Google Calendar, fill in actual details in the comments and then use that data to post here.


This past year has been horrific. I suffered a significant lower abdominal strain in the spring which forced me to pull out of the summer season of ultimate, two road races and two triathlons, including my first planned half iron distance tri. I am pretty healthy now, though I will get the odd groin or abdominal ache. I’ve been through a fair bit of rehab and physio in the spring and early summer and have a regimen of core, balance and stretching I do, keeping things pretty good. Other than the deep freeze of the past week or so, I also have returned to regular cycle commuting after a many-year absence and it seems to really strengthen the whole lower body, so it will become a routine. If I can add a Saturday 1-1.5 hour trainer ride throughout the winter, all the better.

Week 1

This week saw the first run over 8.5 miles that I’ve done since April and everything’s OK to this point. However, since I was getting through a nasty bug (that it seems everyone I come in contact with has had) earlier in the week, and this past week has been an unusual stretch of freakish cold weather and snow, I had a couple treadmill runs and a Sunday 10-miler that was very tough in the heavy snow. My running week didn’t start until Thursday, but given the bug, the weather, and how much treadmill running I did I’m OK with it being a bit low.

Planned: 26 miles | Actual: 18.5 miles


Broke 4 miles into intervals on the treadmill:
2 mile @ 7:30
1 mile @ 7:10
1 mile @ 6:50
Easy core strengthening routine after


Another treadmill run. Basic aerobic run (little faster than it should have been):
5 miles – 34:45 (laddered pace up slowly)


Brutal snowfall, hard, slow difficult run. I was about 1-1:30 per mile slower than a normal med-long run.
9.5 miles – 8:34 pace
150 avg HR, 169 max