2 weeks to Boston – taper time

A pretty good week to close out major training for Boston. I had to skip Tuesday’s run due to unforeseen circumstances, but I wasn’t about to skip the mileage, so I decided to shift everything and do three runs in a row, Wednesday through Friday. I thought it wasn’t a bad challenge anyway, to see if I could do what was going to be three fairly hard workouts in a row and recover for the longest long run of my training two days later.

My legs just didn’t want to do a hilly run on Friday after a pretty intense 16 miles in the previous two days, so it ended up being shorter and easier than I thought it would. I also had some questionable moments in the long run, when I thought I’d timed my morning calories a little early and started to fade. Pushed through and got the miles done I wanted. Most of the weather cooperated pretty well, but Wednesday’s tempo 8.5 was butt-ugly rain, wind and cold.

It’s nice not to think of any really long miles for two weeks now. I’m cutting things to three runs a week for the next two. I anticipate this coming week to hit somewhere around 25-30 miles and then I’ll try and do a couple brisk 4-5 milers in town the week before the race, with an optional shorty in Boston two days before the race. I’ve got the tiniest tightness in my lower right leg, but my ab/groin thing is quite good. I think it’s a really good sign that I felt I could have gone quite a bit longer at the end of the big run today.

Bring on Boston.


Mileage: 42.31 miles
Monday weigh-in: 163.2


Took a longer lunch and did a good tempo run that was slowed somewhat by driving wind, rain and very cold temperatures. A little slower as a result, but still got a negative split so I was happy with it.

Workout: 8.48 miles @ 1:01:51 … 7:17 pace, Avg HR 150
Split 1: 4.00 miles @ 29:20 … 7:19 pace
Split 2: 4.48 miles @ 32:31 … 7:15 pace


Track intervals at Burnaby Central after work. Nice weather. Didn’t do as many long intervals but came very close to 6:00 on the mile.

Workout: 8.05 miles @ 1:04:14, Avg HR 146
Warmup: 1.52 miles @ 11:55 … 7:49 pace
Intervals: 800m, 1200m, 1600m, 1200m, 800m { 3:09, 4:41, 6:03, 4:43, 3:05 } 2:00 walk break between
Cooldown: 2.30 miles @17:26 … 7:34 pace


Wanted this to be another in the range of 8 miles with two repeats of the ugly Royal Oak hill thrown into the middle, but the legs told me no (and slowed me down as I tried the first part once), so it was a much shorter run that was rolling at best in the second half.

Workout: 4.39 miles @ 35:05 … 7:46 pace, Avg HR 142
Split 1: 2.28 miles @ 17:04 … 7:30 pace
Split 2: 2.11 miles @ 15:59 … 7:34 pace


I thought I was going to have major problems around 14 miles as I felt cold sweats and light-headed. Calories maybe, but I stopped, took stock of the fact that I absolutely had to do this run, sucked it up and had a pretty good run. The effects of that and a solid headwind heading out to UBC did slow my pace a bit in the second half. Beautiful day in Vancouver.

Workout: 21.39 miles @ 2:43:00 … 7:37 pace, Avg HR 146
Split 1: 10.96 miles @ 1:22:56 … 7:34 pace
Split 2: 10.43 miles @ 1:20:04 … 7:40 pace