Masters blogging

A lot of my writing on this site will now chronicle the trials and tribulations of obtaining a graduate degree while working full-time, trying to maintain a marriage and family, and hopefully still getting a little exercise along the way.

Something I’ve been pulling together for some time and which is finally happening, is the MA I’m pursuing. The focus is learning and technology and I’m doing it through Royal Roads University in lovely Victoria BC.

In truth, the only time I actually know I’ll be at RRU is during the two weeks beginning July 28th. Most of it is a distance and online cohort and whether I do another residency next year will be determined by whether my MA ends up being thesis or course based.

We’re just rounding the end of a two week pre-residency session, dissecting a few chapters of texts on adult learning and research and a few sundry pieces about issues like cohort based learning and the application of new learning to professional pursuits. We’ve also been getting our feet wet in the Moodle instance set up for this cohort.

Out of the past week’s readings and online forum posts has come a first assignment asking me to examine my assumptions about learning within a constructivist learning framework. If I understood the epistemological questions, the assignment was really about asking myself if I thought people learned largely through direct, observational methods, or more by inferring and reasoning. I’m not sure at all that I hit any sort of nail on the head with what I wrote.

Luckily, this first paper is as much about practicing academic style and showing a baseline for further development than it is for anything else. It will be used primarily as a feedback mechanism and will be updated at the end of my two week residency, which begins next Monday.