Taming an MBTI beast

I found what we covered today to be a pretty important thing and it’s left me struggling a bit to frame it in light of learning and working in a team environment. In our morning session with Hillary, the MBTI inventory was both reassuring and disturbing.

At a surface level it wasn’t really surprising. I know I’m analytical, organized and prefer working through something by breaking it into manageable pieces. Due in large part to being a project manager, I can fairly easily take on the role of trying to get things to a logical conclusion. This is fine if you are a client and project lead and you’re paid for getting something done. Maybe not so much where the boundaries and roles are less clear and far more fluid.

I approach anything in much the same way, including ‘banging’ through a first draft of an assignment. I often write in a stream of consciousness and stop to review after producing way too much material. However, when I consider those traits in light of the projects we’re now working on, how do I apply my tendencies in a way that will most positively work with a group dynamic – one that will often include people who are less verbal or express themselves in a quieter or more reserved manner?

In producing good team projects, I’m really grappling with how to use my traits to their fullest potential while ensuring they don’t engender in teammates a feeling that my tendency to organize and focus is coming through as taking control or dominating in any way.

I’m trying to make sure I’m always bouncing things back to people, asking their feedback and ensuring I’ve acurately captured what they’ve said. Is that enough? Any thoughts from those who plot anywhere close to an ESTJ?