Vancouver Marathon half marathon race report

This will be a pretty short recap. The weather was pretty unpredictable. Forecasts this week ranged from sunny and 18 celsius to rainy and 10 celsius. At 5am, when I got out of bed, it was overcast and a mild 10 celsius. The latest forecast suggested it would stay cloudy for the morning and rain in the afternoon, but the rain came early and, at certain points in the race, it dumped. I took a number of different layers, but opted not for a rain jacket, as I hate wearing jackets. While I got wet, my compression shirt and overlaid T, was pretty much just right. If you click the green start pin on the embed below, you can actually go to Garmin Connect and playback my race GPS data.

This race was really pretty uneventful. My typical pre-race meal of granola, yogurt and banana seemed to take a long time to digest and so it was still sitting in my gut like a stone 1:45 after eating. Beyond that, not a bad race. Given the past few years of many life issues, injury, surgery and the like, I was pretty happy with my 1:37:26 (official time). Oddly enough, that still puts me in the top 10% for gender and age cat, and top 5% overall. Garmin measured the distance as 13.3 miles, but I’m sure it was a more accurate course than that.

I had hoped to be sub-1:35, but with virtually no speedwork or hills under my belt, I can’t really complain. I seemed to time my gels well and I felt solid and consistent throughout. In typical fashion I went out a bit too fast, but settled into a 7:12-7:15 per mile pace after the first couple. In fact, the only thing that actually stopped me from getting my 1:35 was Prospect Point. Not sure why the halfers got treated to that intense little half mile climb, but I probably lost about eight seconds per mile overall going up and only recovered about four seconds per mile for the rest of the race. While I’d hoped to keep my pace below 7:10 per mile, Garmin tells me it was 7:18.

The whole purpose of this race was to give me a reason to get back to Sunday mid-to-long runs and have a focus while completing my thesis. Just gotta get through the Sun Run next weekend and then I’ll be in a position to plan out the rest of my season. More cycle commuting, speed and hills and getting my mileage up to a regular 30+ miles per week is all on the agenda. Depending on how the next couple months go and how my body reacts to what will absolutely be my last season of Ultimate, a fall marathon may be in the works. Given that my Boston qualifier is now 3:30, a return trip next April should be quite doable.