2011 Steveston Ice Breaker race report

A race report on a flat, out and back 8k waterfront event is likely to be, well, uneventful. This is definitely in that category. However, one of the things I promised myself this year was that I would do a better job of reflective writing on my training and racing, including a post for every race report and, at the very least, a monthly recap of my training. I guess that means that, in addition to this short race report, I’ll need to find the time to evaluate my monthly training for January later tonight.

The Ice Breaker - part of the LMLRS
This week I kept the mileage very low, partly to be fresh for this race, the first of a very active season of middle distance and enduro running.  Also, at the moment I await a sports med referral for what appears to be either a slight meniscus tear or possibly MCL strain. Regardless, totaling about 20 miles this week proved to be a reasonable strategy. Tuesday I did 5.5 miles with 4x1k intervals and Wednesday I did a pretty quick 5.5 mile tempo run. Today I felt fresh. The weather was right at freezing at the start of the race, with clear, sunny skies and a moderate headwind on the first leg of the out-and-back course along the river.

A decent start to 2011

I was hoping/expecting to hold a steady pace of about 6:30 per mile for the race, but I went out too fast (as is often the case) and paid a little bit for it in mile 3 and 4. I started to settle in and pick up my pace a bit in mile 5 again. If I’d have gone out at a 6:30-6:40 mile I probably would have hit my 6:30 pace target, but I’m fairly happy regardless, as this is showing a significant improvement from where I was last spring.

I’ve decided to dub 2011 the year to “re-conquer middle distance” and, while this isn’t where I want to be by the end of the year, it’s a good start. Even with my advancing years, I have some moderately aggressive goals for my running, so this seems like a good place to build from.

The Garmin data

I know I came in 6th for my AG, but it was a very small field so I don’t think I’ll get too excited by that statistic.

Time: 33:25, 6:41 per mile pace

Mile 1 – 6:12 (too fast for my goal)
Mile 2 – 6:37 (backed off too much)
Mile 3 – 6:58 (felt sluggish and bogged down)
Mile 4 – 6:54 (started to move the legs a bit)
Mile 5 – 6:42 (on the way back but got the kick too late)

I should note that my friend Brian had a PB for this race, somewhere around 28:00 and 2nd in his M40-45 AG. Nice job. Next up is the First Half 1/2 marathon two weeks down the road. Always a good time, always full and (almost) always weather like we had today.