Meet the new year, (not the) same as the old year

OK, so the title of this post might betray my age, but I love The Who and, in particular, Won’t Get Fooled Again. While it’s now January 4th and I’ve met the new year head-on, I really hope it isn’t the same as the old year. This is the second January in a row where optimism reigns supreme for better things in the coming twelve months.

I’m not going to do an end-of-season racing and training recap, except to say that for two years running, the numbers and events aren’t what I hoped. In 2012, I had a killer neuroma put a months-long end to running, and it took most of the year to understand exactly what was causing the problems.


running injury hotspotsSo, as I got into spring 2013 and things were looking up, I started the year on a pretty happy note. Getting through a few months of runs and three races, and feeling good through June was a nice first half to be sure. I had moderate goals and was easily meeting them, while resuming a little cutting around the ultimate field. However, through the summer months a sticky recurrence of my long-standing and erratic lower core and adductor problems re-surfaced. As I quit ultimate for good, eased up my training and stopped racing to accommodate, I also managed a deep calf strain on my right side. Since the calf was also bothered by cycling, it ended up meaning a complete shut-down of cardio activities from July through September.

darby picWithout a doubt, the worst part of 2013 was the cancer diagnosis and passing of Darby. For some time, talking about it has been very difficult and I still haven’t managed to do a proper retrospective post about her. As my wife and I shared some pretty good memories and laughs about her over the holidays, I do know it’s coming sooner than later.

Patullo BridgeThe final kick in the pants of 2013 happened on Christmas Eve, while taking my wife to an eye appointment in Surrey. I haven’t written my thoughts up yet, but in essence I was a victim of the quasi-permanent speed trap coming off the Patullo Bridge in Surrey. Since I’m fighting some financial aspects of the ticket, I can’t really get into details until I pull together a little more information. That will be a special post all of its own.

2014 with a bullet

Notwithstanding the bug I’ve had since just before New Year’s Eve, still firmly lodged in my chest and sinuses as I write this, I start 2014 in a remarkably similar place to 2013. I had a decent November getting back into running and trainer riding (320km), and a better December (430km) of base training. I also registered for the First Half, with 2014 being my ninth running of the event.

I will plan some events, as with last year, with a larger focus on long and fondo-style cycling. However, there will be no registering for series of running races or trying to get big early bird discounts. The unfortunate running reality of my body for some time now means training for target events, but only registering much closer to the date to avoid disappointment. I’ve rejoined my old cycling club to ensure I get my ass out of bed and on the road more like I did in 2012, than last year.

The only other plan I’m seriously considering at this point is a potential Europe trip in the summer. If I get PD approval for a conference in London in July, Connie and I will probably try to end or begin a month in Europe with it. This is nowhere near a firm plan yet, but a hopeful one.