Planned races for 2014

photo on the trailsI haven’t done a full season of racing since 2011, and that year sort of tailed off in the fall. 2012 and 2013 were very spotty and mostly lost due to my problematic left side. And, these issues do linger and could come back to bite me. However, I’m feeling good and running decently right now, so I’ve put together a tentative plan for the year. While I am planning out the full season, I’m only registering a couple months in advance at most. My recent injury-filled past has taught me not to pay too far ahead, to avoid disappointment.

Editorial note: I’ve already crossed a few off the list below; those that are too close to other events (before or after). As my other personal plans firm up, this list will likely remain fluid.

In coming up with my plan, there’s one event each in the crappy months of January, February, November and December and usually two per month for the rest. I like cycling for longer endurance events, so I don’t really look at shorter harder bike races. Running is where I focus more of my hard efforts, while I find a decent volume of cycling has significant benefit to my overall fitness and injury prevention. Having said that, there are small pickup spring races to test fitness if I really want to do them. Those would be last-minute decisions, if they happen at all. I’m back with a road club this year, so who knows …

The plan below builds to the Victoria Granfondo in late June, with a second build to the Hallows Eve trail marathon in late October (fingers crossed for sustained health). This could change a bit, but as I’d like to do the Tour de Victoria in August, that will make two trips across the pond and a third to the Victoria Marathon isn’t likely on. I guess if I end up not doing the Tour, I’ll probably target the Victoria Marathon and a change in fall plans will ensue. This plan also doesn’t take into account any vacation time I might take with my wife this year.

Of note is my participation in the Victoria Granfondo on June 21st. Other than the 2012 Ride2Survive, this will be the longest single day cycling event I’ll have done. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that I don’t break my wrist on this one. I’m not worried about completing it at all, but it would be nice to have another event of 140-160km to test pacing and nutrition. As such, it’s pretty much only training rides for preparation. The only road cycling event prior to that, will be the very low key 100k Pacific Populaire in early April.

  • January 26th: Vancouver Chilly Chase | 15k road running | report
  • February 16th: Vancouver First Half | 21k road running | bailed (achilles tweak)
  • March 8th: Dirty Duo | 15k trail running | registered
  • March 15th: St. Patrick’s Day 5k | road running | registered
  • April 6th: Pacific Populaire | 100k road cycling | registered
  • April 26th: Vancouver Sun Run (corporate) | 10k road running | registered
  • May 25th: Tender Knee/Iron Knee | 10k or 25k trail running | planned
  • June 21st: Victoria Granfondo “Doppio” | 270k road cycling | registered
  • July 20th: Valley Granfondo | 160k road cycling | tentative
  • August 17th: Richmond Oval 10k | road running | tentative
  • September 13th: Vancouver Eastside 10k | road running | tentative
  • October 5th: Spirit of the Shore Half | 21k road running | tentative
  • November 16th: Phantom Run | 24k trail running | tentative
  • December 6th: Gunner Shaw | 10k cross country running | tentative