I won’t even go into the persistent tightening of my lower right back, which according to all medical reports and treatment I’ve had thus far, is due to my QL muscle. I’ve lost enough riding and running to that alone, particularly in the second half of 2016, as I’ve eased up on volume and intensity to avoid it getting really unpleasant.

Holy crap, though, if this fall and winter hasn’t been the “bugs from hell” season. From mid-September until now, it’s been one thing after another for both Connie and me. I doubt I’ve strung together more than two or three decent weeks of training/fitness in the past three months.

Over the course of any winter, I’m usually good for one decent cold. As I have allergies and sinus problems, I often get several small congestion flare-ups per year, so I’ve learned to only accept something is a cold or flu when full-on symptom-maggedon hits.

I’d already had to back off my planned Victoria Marathon and do only the half due to an ill-timed calf pull injury in late summer. Then, right after the half the bug I got seemed like two, though I suspect I had a particularly nasty three or four days of the aforementioned sinus issues the week immediately following the race. It was really just a pressure-fest with no other symptoms.

The weekend of October 15th was our annual family attendance at the BC Craft Beer Awards. I know it’s hard to believe, but it seems like Connie and I both got a cold from that. Hundreds of people milling around, touching things, drinking and leaving germs all over the place. Or maybe it was that my younger son, not wanting to miss out on one of his two true loves, decided to come sporting a mini-plague of his own.

Moving on from all that, while the dates are a little fuzzy, Connie and I each had another bug of sorts in November. Hers was of the mini, 3-day sniffles and throat variety, while in mid-November I suffered from a really strange digestive issue, whereby it felt like the beginning of a stomach flu but only really generated symptoms more like IBS than a full-on bug. I had rotating runs and bloat for about a week, then things slowly subsided. In addition to sinus and allergy issues, I do have a bit of a history of food sensitivities, so this is also one of those things I won’t assume was anything more than bad digestive issues.

And now, the week before Christmas we’re each suffering yet again. Connie with another head cold and me with a more standard flu thing; more traditional with upper body muscle stiffness, a 24 hour round of bathroom fun and the like. I started feeling symptoms late Monday night, they really came on hard for 24 hours starting Tuesday night and I’m starting to feel pretty good as of Thursday mid-day. I hope I don’t regret that optimism with some sort of resurgence tonight.

Much like how my sinus and allergy issues can complicate colds with sinus infections and give me plenty of false alarms, Connie’s asthma tends to give her lots of lingering coughs and ongoing chest and throat sensitivity. To add to Connie’s headcold misery this time, she took a little dump on black ice a day ago on the dog walk, and now has a tight, red hip.

Unlike diminishing athletic performance or back and nostril hair, I can’t blame this run of luck on getting older. Just seems like it’s one of those years. Given the number of times colleagues have been away sick this fall and winter, it seems common.

OK, mother nature, you win. Can we just dispense with the bugs for 2017 please?

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