Christmas 2016

We had planned to hit a number of local things this year, but just as we were beginning down that path a week before Christmas, we were hit with a nasty plague. Derailed from doing much except cleaning up and preparing for a quiet family weekend, we managed a couple small community light displays and kept things really low key. We feel like we’re just beginning to break out of symptom hell as I write this on December 27th.

We decided we would get out and hit a few more things around town over the holiday season. Unfortunately, the bug we both caught had other ideas. We’ve been on different trajectories, with Connie’s version starting a couple days earlier than mine eight and six days before Christmas respectively, but have both had the same symptoms. Regardless, we spent the past week feeling like crap and have had a much lower energy Christmas than we would have liked. In particular is the lack of any real workouts or training for either of us in the past week plus.

Symptoms feel like they’re beginning to break now, on December 27th, but we’ve still postponed plans we had with friends tonight and we’ll see about the plans we presently have with other friends tomorrow night. Not sure if we’ll salvage much for New Year’s weekend at this point, but I hope we’re both feeling a little more energy by then.

However, even if only for personal posterity, here’s a brief rundown of this year’s happenings.

Holiday Heights at Bloedel Conservatory

This was our first, purposely small display on December 14th. We hadn’t taken in anything here in the past and thought it might be nice. It was, and definitely warm with a tropical feel inside. I found though, the lighting display somewhat lacking in variety. The birds and ambience made up for it, and it’s such a small space we decided to stroll it twice.

Christmas at the Cannery

We went down to Steveston on December 18th and checked out this display in the old Gulf of Georgia Cannery, now a historic site. We also happened to be in the midst of a particularly cold period (for Vancouver) so we went through rather quickly and didn’t spend much time reading or discussing. It was really cold inside, even more than outside I think. A shame, too, because admission happened to be free the day we were there.

Park & Tilford Hi-light Festival

This is pretty much annual viewing for Connie and me, as it’s always a pretty stroll and admissions by donation support the Burn Fund. We had planned to do a little more this evening, December 19th, and go downtown to Stanley Park and maybe the Christmas Market at Jack Poole Plaza, but the weather was still not great and we weren’t into slugging it out for parking. At the time, pre-bug, I’d foolishly thought we had lots of the time the remainder of the week to go to other stuff.

Plus, while Connie had been feeling some early symptoms over the weekend, my initial muscle aches hit pretty hard as we were having a post-stroll coffee at the end of the night.

As we got to mid-week before Christmas and symptoms were kind of taking over, we turned most of our attention to getting ready to host Tyler and hang out for some quality family time. I’m sure our bugginess and low energy was a joy to be around but it was a nice weekend anyway. We do some decorating but don’t exchange gifts. The exception to this is that we still give the ‘kids’ a little money. Missing for the third Christmas in a row was Malcolm, who plays music on cruise ships and gets home every few months for a few weeks. Guessing he has one more Christmas like this before his planned return to school (and possibly living at home) in 2018.

Anyway, somewhere between the unusual multiple dumps of snow …

We managed to get our decorating, baking and booze buying done …

We were ready for the weekend

It didn’t include much fresh air unfortunately, but that’s OK. In no particular order our activities included not getting the dog to pose for photos, playing board games such as Scrabble, drinking some of that previously purchased booze (though not as much as I would have liked), eating a tasty, cruelty-free dinner and watching Elf and Arthur Christmas.

I hope anyone who reads this all the way to here, also had a great Christmas!