A few months ago, I vowed I would publish a journal post every day. After a little while I realized an entry a day was a bit much. At the time I wanted the quality to be somewhat decent. However, the frequency slowly dwindled to every few days, to weekly, to the point where the past five weeks have seen nothing.

Starting Over

Given that my goal was simply regular journaling, I realized that worrying too much about quality defeated the purpose. So, once again I’m rebooting the daily thing for April. No goals, no specific format, just daily writing for a few minutes. This isn’t about audience or readership, just reflection and practise.

If I wanted to write something long I could go into some detail about the past few weeks, but instead I’ll just mention in brief that we’ve begun down the road to some big changes (we hope) this year. Gone is one of our two vehicles, sold last weekend. We’ve begun to accumulate items we are donating, selling or tossing in the freed up garage space. Presently, that includes a very old surround sound system, a very heavy old CRT TV, a ton of books, CDs, DVD and a bunch of what can only be described as junk.

As we continue compiling this stuff we’re now beginning to do some small touchups around the house ~ some minor drywall patching, a little paint here and there, replacing some old switches and plugs with decora, a little yard cleanup and shrub planting, etc. The goal is to be done all this stuff by the end of April so that we can list our townhome and downsize to a condo of about half its size closer to downtown.

We don’t really know what the timing of everything will be yet, but if we could be in a new place by summer we’d be pretty happy. Of course, aside from the purging of old stuff, there’s also a fair bit of furniture we simply can’t keep in a place half the size of our current one, so we’ll also be selling a large sofa, chair and bedroom suite. Anything we do need when we move will be purchased after we’re in our new place.

If it’s not apparent by what I’ve described above, we’re trying to embrace a somewhat more minimalist, simple lifestyle. I suspect that, if we could eventually go down to no cars and use co-op services and other rentals when needed, we’d actually consider that.

Regardless of how far we get down the minimalist path, I expect things will look much different in a year.