3 weeks to Boston – week two of race prep

I had a pretty good week this week and am feeling stronger all the time. I’m not fast again – yet. However, my ab and groin stuff is minor to non-existent now, and my paces and intervals are generally starting to pick up a little bit all the time. The weather this week was pretty good across the board, with a beautiful sunny day for Sunday’s long run. I even got new shoes, which are performing great, and I even managed to scoop a real steal on a new Sugoi jacket that I’m hoping I won’t have to use too much until the fall.

I was going to try and hit 40 miles this week as a bit of a down week before my last really heavy week, but a couple runs were just a mile or two shorter than I planned. However, I felt my paces more than made up for that. The biggest place I lost mileage was that I kept my intervals on Tuesday to 800m repeats instead of the 1600’s I was going to do, and did 16 instead of 18 on Sunday. Probably the coolest thing was that every run had a negative split, with my long run a negative split by :20 per mile. I didn’t do hill repeats this week, but a good dose of hills found their way into three of the runs, including the long slow hill up Moscrop on Sunday.

I’m thinking of trying to bang off five runs this week, or at least do a very substantial interval workout on Tuesday. I should be up in the range of 45 miles if I do everything I’m planning. As long as I do the 22 I’m planning for Sunday, that’s the main thing. Hoping to keep the splits negative, and the paces brisk and improving. If this keeps up I might actually have to keep doing marathons … again.


Mileage: 36.72 miles
Monday weigh-in: 164.8


Track workout at Moscrop, but went shorter on the intervals. It was kind of a weird one, but I forgot my Garmin, so I had to go back to prior measurement of the warmup and cooldown, and have no HR information for this session. Not one of my best, but the legs were still heavy from the previous 20 mile long run.

Workout: 6.12 miles (including walk breaks after intervals)
Warmup: 1.52 miles @ 11:20 … 7:28 pace
Intervals: 4 x 800m (3:21, 3:10, 3:06, 3:05), 1 x 400m (1:38), .1 mile walk between all
Cooldown: 1.75 miles @ 13:09 … 7:30 pace


A really solid tempo run, with a good second split. Nice night.

Workout: 8.65 miles @ 1:01:07, Avg HR 151 … 7:03 pace
Split 1: 4.00 miles @ 29:10, Avg HR 144 … 7:17 pace
Split 2: 4.65 miles @ 31:57, Avg HR 157 … 6:52 pace


Did this shorter tempo run from home and slapped the Argyle Street hill (or is that hell?) into the middle of it. Even with a very steep one mile hill, I kept the overall pace under 7:30. Another nice afternoon.

Workout: 6.10 miles @ 45:34 … 7:28 pace, Avg HR 146
Split 1: 2.59 miles @ 18:47 … 7:15 pace
Hill split: .76 miles @ 6:35 … 8:42 pace
Split 2: 2.76 miles @ 20:12 … 7:20 pace


I’d planned 18 miles, but was feeling a bit tired and didn’t want to do the hilly stuff coming back would have required, so I cut it down to a little shy of 16 miles. However, I think that my run was the better for it, as I had a nice negative split of :20 per mile, and I think I’ll be in good shape for one final week of heavy miles before I taper for two through Boston.

Workout: 15.85 miles @ 1:58:50 … 7:29 pace, Avg HR 145
Split 1: 8.00 miles @ 1:01:16 … 7:39 pace
Split 2: 7.85 miles @ 57:33 … 7:19 pace