4 weeks to Boston – week one of race prep

All things considered, this was a pretty good week. I finally got my mileage up firmly in the low to mid 40’s and did enough of each kind of workout, that I really met my goals for the week. I had intended to get up to 22 miles for the Sunday run, but opted to not do a massive hill at about the 3/4 point and do a shorter hill to end the run.

The weather was generally quite good, but I did encounter some pretty intense headwinds for the westbound waterfront leg of my long run today, which really dropped my pace at that point, but the run felt really strong, as did all my runs this week. If things keep going this well, I might just have to keep up my distance training, though I’ll admit getting in big miles and doing a Master’s degree is pretty challenging, when you factor in family and career.

Also, since last week was so low mileage, the weight did jump back up a pound, too. Looking forward to getting through the next two intense weeks before a two-week taper.


Mileage: 42.82
Monday weigh-in: 166.8


Wicked track workout (at least for me) with the longest intervals I’ve done in some time.

Workout: 7.03 miles, Max HR 175
Warmup: 1.28 miles @ 7:50 pace
Intervals: 4 x 1 mile @ 6:28, 6:17, 6:20, 6:21, 2:00 rest
Cooldown: 1.22 miles @ 7:39 pace


This one was a slight variation on a hill workout, with one big-ass half-mile hill right in the middle, which I split into two intervals with a one minute break. A good workout, but my legs were quite fatiqued after the hill.

Workout: 7.17 miles @ 56:21 … 7:51 pace, Avg HR 149
Split 1: 2.17 miles @ 16:02 … 7:22 pace
Hill splits: 2 x .25 miles, :60 rest
Split 2: 4.32 miles @ 31:39 … 7:19 pace


A nice tempo run with an easy shorter first interval that went largely uphill and a nice quick longer second interval going a bit downhill. A nice evening. Very similar to last week’s Thursday run, but a bit shorter at a slightly faster pace.

Workout: 8.24 miles @ 59:12 … 7:11 pace, Avg HR 148
Split 1: 3.75 miles @ 27:47 … 7:24 pace
Split 2: 4.49 miles @ 31:25 … 6:59 pace


While my pace dropped due to an intense headwind for five miles, I was generally really happy with this, particularly the way I felt after the run. I can’t remember a run of over 20 miles that didn’t leave me wiped out afterward. A beautiful sunny day made it all the better. I found I had a little trouble pushing up to the HR I wanted in the second half. I won’t itemize it here, but I did balloon a little more than I wanted.

Workout: 20.38 miles @ 2:39:05 … 7:49 pace, Avg HR 149