5 weeks to Boston – recovery and low mileage

The long run this past week was supposed to be shorter, but I had originally wanted to keep the mid-week mileage up. So much for the best-laid plans. The week was weak. It’s not an excuse (well, it is really), but I’d been trying desperately to get a first draft of my thesis proposal done this past week and work was pretty busy, so I was challenged to get all my runs in. With only a very short interval workout on the treadmill and a really good quality middle distance run, I thought I’d at least get a nice, solid 16 miles in on Sunday. My legs were generally fresh and the runs I did were good, but I had nowhere near enough hills.

Well, I chose the absolute worst point in the day to do my run on Sunday and my route had me looping back close to home around the halfway point. We had a freak two-hour windy snowstorm at the exact point I ran – yes, a snowstorm in Vancouver on March 15. I ended up with numb fingers, drenched to the bone and all done at ten miles. So, what I figured would be at least a 32-35 mile week, turned into a 24 mile week.

Looking forward to my next three weeks of race prep before tapering for two, I’m hoping to be vigilant and keep all three at 42-50 miles. These should be pretty intense weeks, with one long run of 18 sandwiched between two runs of over 20. In addition to the planned Sunday mileage, each one will feature track workouts with full mile intervals, hill sessions, and a longer mid-week tempo run. I’m also going to be working hard to keep my paces for all mid and long runs at 7:30 or under.


Mileage: 23.98
Monday weigh-in: 165.8


Like most of the week, I was time challenged so I ended up doing a short interval workout on the treadmill at BCIT with no HR data.

Workout: 4.5 miles
Warmup and cooldown: 1.0 mile @ 7:30 pace
Intervals: 4 x 800 meters @ 3:00, 1:00 rests


My best workout of the week by far. I probably would have even gone harder if I’d known my planned hill workout would get scrapped. Since I didn’t do a really hard interval workout, I wanted this one to be a little harder than a race pace middle distance run.

Workout: 9.48 miles @ 1:08:38 … 7:14 pace, Avg HR 158
Split 1: 4.0 miles @ 30:02 … 7:30 pace
Split 2: 5.48 miles @ 38:36 … 7:02 pace


I was planning to measure splits on this run since I want to get back to the negative splits I was doing earlier in my training. However, since my second split was only three miles I decided it wasn’t really worth it. There is no question in my mind that these were some of the worst conditions I’ve ever run in. Somewhere around freezing with bitterly cold winds and heavy wet snow. The first three miles were straight into a headwind and by the time I got to ten miles, I couldn’t feel my fingers at all.

Workout: 10.0 miles @ 1:14:50 … 7:29 pace, Avg HR 152