6 weeks to Boston – recovering from a bug

After last week, I was pretty sure this past one would be pretty tough going and I was right. I got all my runs in, but found that my aerobic capacity was somewhat diminished and everything was just a little bit tougher. I did, however, notice that my legs didn’t seize up as badly toward the end of my long run, like they did with the 20-miler two weeks ago.

Also, as I suspected, after not running for a week and being sick, my Monday morning weigh-in saw a little bit of weight increase, though I don’t worry too much about a fluctuation of a pound or two over the course of a couple weeks. Since I’m writing this Monday night, I know I am back down a couple pounds again, as of this morning.

Lastly, I am definitely finding that, in trying to stick with my marathon training and do my MA coursework while working full-time, I am burning the candle at both ends and feeling a little run down. While my legs are continually getting stronger in the long stuff, as I’ve been doing 18 and 20 mile runs I’m finding an annoying pattern of positive splits and late run fatigue creeping in on the long stuff. If I can shore that up and get the pace a little more consistent throughout, that would be good.

In the next four weeks before I taper for two, I’ll be trying to work more race pace segments into my longer runs, and trying to do a little longer run on Wednesdays.


Mileage: 37.21
Monday weigh-in: 168.4


Went to the track and did intervals. It was a nice lunchtime workout, but kind of felt like I was blowing sludge out of my lungs after more than a week off. Someone pass the lung-butter please.

Workout: 6.33 miles, Avg HR 152, Max HR 175
Warmup: 1.75 miles @ 13:04 … 7:28 pace
Intervals: .25 (1:35), .50 (3:03), 1.00 (6:13), .50 (3:01), .25 (1:28) – rests of 1:00, 2:00, 2:00, 1:00
Cooldown: 1.52 miles @ 11:20 … 7:28 pace


I did this run a little later at night from home and found it really tough. It didn’t end up being awful, but I was hoping I’d be hitting these mid-week tempo runs at about a 7:00 per mile pace. I got stronger as it went on, but really felt gross through the next morning. Apparently mister bug was not gone yet.

Workout: 6.34 miles @ 46:29 … 7:20 pace, Avg HR 149


I was still feeling rough from the previous evening’s run, but I feel I must have some hills and some speedwork at this stage of my training. Forced myself out at lunch for a warmup around BCIT’s grungy track and then some shorter hills at Moscrop. I had my Garmin for distance but forgot my HR strap. Couldn’t quite keep upping the pace in the last couple repeats.

Workout: 5.40 miles @ 45:29
Warmup: 2.10 miles @ 15:15 … 7:15 pace
Hill repeats: 6 x .14 miles (1:07, 1:04, 1:01, 1:00, 1:02, 1:04) – rests of 1:30
Cooldown: 1.73 miles @12:38 … 7:18 pace


Not much to say about this. I ran in the afternoon, it was cold, windy and clear when I started and I miscalculated my distance, going about .8 of a mile short. I try to make my long runs a little hilly and this one had it’s share. Worst of all, it started snowing at about mile 17. While my legs did show improvement since the last 20 miler, I still faded more than I would like in the latter stages.

Workout: 19.14 miles @ 2:30:09 … 7:50 pace, Avg HR 154