7 weeks to Boston – nothing to see here

OK, so getting really sick isn’t going to do your training any favours, but I had to bail on a whole week of training. That means a 16 mile long run, valuable hills and speed work and about 40 miles of my training overall. I’m pretty choked but I’ve simply moved on. At least I’ve run across a lot of people who are sick right now.

It wasn’t intentional, but my throat, sinuses and cough were still so bad by last weekend, that I couldn’t even just cram my Sunday run in. The risk for having to bail in the middle of it was simply too great. In fact I started to feel pretty good last Friday, thought I’d get my weekend running in and felt progressively worse through Sunday.

I’m actually writing this Wednesday, as I thought I should probably still have a journal entry for last week for posterity. I’ve started the next week out on the right foot, though, as I’ve already got a weight workout and 6+ miler with track intervals under my belt. My intention is to shorten my taper and actually still get the same number of long runs in. Here’s hoping for the best.


Mileage: 0.0
Monday weigh-in: n/a