8 weeks to Boston – finally did the 20

This was a breakthrough week in a couple of ways.  While I didn’t quite hit 40 miles, I got a lot closer and I finally got the 20 miler in I should have done three weeks ago.  This week had a bit of everything and I was generally pretty happy with it.  While I wish I could have finished the long run a bit stronger, given I was feeling quite sick Sunday morning, I’m very happy to have done it at all, albeit starting early afternoon.

In my quest to toughen my ‘hill’ legs up, I did a very short Saturday run with a big huge hill in it and that may have had something to do with my legs fatiguing badly at 18-19 miles 0n Sunday.  I kept the Sunday run fairly flat, with some mid-run rolling stuff, but it’s in the bag and that’s all that matters.

Next week, my long run will dip down to the 14-16 mile range, so I’m going to try to make all three mid-week runs longer.  I expect everything, other than the track workout, to have some hilly goodness in it.  While there are no guarantees on the marathon and anything (or several things) can go wrong on race day, not being ready for the hills in Boston will not be one of them.  I’ve been doing a fair bit of sugar this week and, while this past weigh-in stayed solid, I’m not sure how I’ll be tomorrow morning for this week’s weigh-in.


Mileage: 35.21
Monday weigh-in: 167.4

4.1 miles including the walking rests between.  Schedule forced me to use a treadmill, but the ones at work are pretty accurate.  Good workout, even though short warmup and cooldown.

.25 mile warmup, cooldown @ 7:30 pace
6×800, 1:00 walk between,
3:15, 3:07, 3:00, 3:00, 3:07, 3:15

Had a really good run.  A lot of uphill running in the first half and still ran close to my overall pace from the half marathon on Sunday.  I pretty much have to do my mid-week miles at work, but the traffic lights can get in the way of keeping the HR up.

7.92 miles @ 57:44 … 7:17 pace, Avg HR 145

A shorty since I had to move it to Saturday and I was doing 20 the next day.

3.34 miles @ 28:19 … 8:28 pace, Max HR 169

1.08 mile warmup @ 7:41 … 7:06 pace
3 X .25 mile intervals up one huge, steep hill, 1:00 rest
1.47 mile cooldown @10:55 … 7:25 pace

This one was a little weird.  Due to legs seizing up by 19 miles and the last .85 a very intense uphill home, I walked it, as my calf muscles were on the verge of cramping. Due to the length of time since I’ve done anything this long, I did not expect a negative split as with most of my long runs to date.  I wasn’t disappointed.

19 miles @ 2:26:48 … 7:44 pace, Avg HR 150
.85 mile walked straight uphill

– out 10:00 miles @ 1:16:05 … 7:36 pace
– back 9.00 miles @ 1:10:43 … 7:51 pace