9 weeks to Boston – First Half half marathon

I knew I had a half marathon to race this week as part of my training and, with the heavy legs and lame long run from last week, I decided to keep the mid-week mileage short and fairly brisk and try for some fresh legs come Sunday.

My strategy seems to have worked. Every run, including the race, was a good one, while the weather was really decent. Even though my race won’t go down as one of my faster halfs, I felt solid throughout and had no problems of any kind. Even with the race, I consider this week a recovery week with very short mileage. I feel really good for the halfway point of my training.

As I move into the heavier mileage, I expect the next six weeks to all be 40 miles or heavier. This coming week is supposed to be another good one, weather-wise.


Mileage: 22.83
Monday weigh-in: 167.2


Mild conditions, tempo run but split into two intervals to the far end of Deer Lake and back, with a 2:00 rest.

4.95 miles @ 34:14 … 6:55 pace
– split 2.51 @ 17:41 … 7:03
– 2:00 rest
– split 2.44 @ 16:33 … 6:46


Used some hills near BCIT at lunch. First one was a bit longer, then did three more repeats on a quarter mile hill stretch. All repeats had 2:30 rest between.

4.78 miles
Warmup: 1.3 miles @ 9.18
1 x.36, 3 x .28
Cooldown: 1.36 miles @ 10:00


My scheduled run would have been 16 miles w/12 @ 1/2 marathon race pace, so I guess a half marathon is a decent substitute. I’ve included my official results, as opposed to my Garmin. While not a stellar race, it was a good solid run and everything felt strong all day. I’d prefer to be racing at a sub 7:00 per mile pace, but at least I’m at least :20 faster per mile than most of my long runs.

Avg HR: 162
Chip time: 1:36:00.7
Pace: 7:16
Place in category: 50/150
Place in gender: 219/913