Bailing, Wanless style
Bailing, Wanless style

As the fall has progressed and holds us firmly in the grasp of winter, it’s cold for Vancouver. And, we’ve got lots of snow on the ground with several inches falling over the past ten days. Maybe it’s that. Maybe it’s the bugs and injury stuff that turned my fall marathon into a half. Maybe it’s the ongoing QL tightness. Maybe it’s the weird gastro issues I had in November. Or just maybe, I’m getting to that age.

Whatever the case, most often this time of year, I’m trying to put a good base of running and cycling together so that I can do whatever events or races I feel like in the new year. Since we came back from Victoria, I’ve really been trying to get something solid rolling. While I’d already decided I’d take the rest of October off running to relax my ongoing-ly tight right QL muscle, I tried to get a six week sweet spot power base training plan happening, but just couldn’t get in the groove and, after three to four weeks on and off again, I ended up … off.

Fast forward to late November / early December. I got some sporadic easy running going in November, but am currently keeping it chill still with easy paces. I thought I’d get the cycling going on my own plan over the past couple weeks with a short V02/anaerobic, hour-long sweet spot and 90 minute tempo ride per week for 3 hours of decent quality. Really, though, with five rides and four runs of varying quality and distance over the past two weeks, I’d hardly say I’m on a roll.

I decided to try Rattlesnake, a very short and pretty hard little anaerobic ride. After the first anaerobic interval, I bailed and made it a V02 max effort. It’s not like it wasn’t still an OK ride, but that kind of thing leaves me wondering why. Why’d I back off? Why didn’t my legs feel like pushing the hard, but short and very manageable intervals?

Why did I bail?