When Human Vanity Endangers Dogs

Cropping ears and docking tails is not only unnecessary for a dog’s health, but may even put them in danger. This Cane Corso appeared in my Instagram feed a few weeks ago because I follow the #dogsofinstagram hashtag. Whomever posted it asked for comments to caption the photo. My response … Read →

Animal Arbitrariness

The past couple of weeks has been interesting to me, in that a few seemingly unrelated stories highlight just how arbitrary our feelings about animals can be. The randomness of which is usually a direct result of how humans benefit from animal exploitation, and we’re often completely unaware of it. Far worse though, is celebrities talking a good game while laughing about their hypocrisy.

Should Pit Bulls be banned?

Their owners love them, while victims advocates and some members of the media think they should be banned. Is the hysteria warranted, or is there a better way to deal with dog bites and attacks? Let’s all take a step back and think this through a little.


There’s a special breed of dog person who has their animal off-leash at all times, everywhere. We may see a bit more of it because we live right by one of the larger off-leash parks in Vancouver, but it’s all over our neighbourhood.

The awkward relationship between the BC SPCA and meat

Is the SPCA’s insistence on serving meat at their events about animal welfare or really just to broaden appeal and improve fundraising? Does their distinction between animal welfare and rights allows them to pick and choose the level of protection and type of animal to which its afforded? Even if you eat meat, please just consider this post in light of what the SPCA is supposed to be.