Gut Instincts

My preoccupation at the moment is definitely my gut, with three fairly significant IBS-like episodes in the past 4-5 months. Since a significant GI change after 50 can be indicative of something more serious than food sensitivity, I’m treating it with respect. Unfortunately, doing it right means my doctor, some tests and then some restrictive diet planning and journaling with a dietitian.


Leftover Christmas mucus lingered throughout January. February saw a nasty injury and sinus infection flare up. Health is once again returning. Can it just stick around for a while now please?


Holy crap, if this fall and winter hasn’t been the “bugs from hell” season. From mid-September until now, it’s been one thing after another for both Connie and me. I doubt I’ve strung together more than two or three decent weeks of training/fitness in the past three months.

When the treatment causes the pain

One of the less pleasant aspects of going through my 40’s has been the development of allergies. As of my last allergy test, I was allergic to dust, pollen and shellfish. While you don’t see too many clams flying around, the dust and pollen in the air has made me very sensitive to the change of seasons. Over the past few years the bad sinuses I’ve always had have also intensified, and I’ve noticed a general propensity for more frequent headaches.

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