Get a Crown

One of my teeth has been the bane of my existence for some time. A few years ago an incisor on my upper right side abscessed. It was an exceedingly painful infection for which I got a Tylenol 3 prescription and a root canal referral from my then dentist. Left … Read more

Cemetery Dislocation

Bad run routing choices in a big snow storm and a little hidden ice begat a hospital adventure on icy roads, a gnarly upper body injury, a week off work and at least three times that long off cycling and running. “Cut through the cemetery” I said to myself. “It’ll … Read more

2014 Victoria Granfondo; riding ugly

On most any count that matters, it was a great day. The ugly was pretty much all me and my legs. I can’t really complain because the weather was great, the course was beautiful, the on-course volunteers killed it, and I had no mechanicals or bike-related issues. I was probably a good 40 minutes slower than I’d hoped, but pretty much anything can happen during 264km on a bike with lots of climbing.

Detesting Lance Armstrong: Why it’s not about the dope

Lance Armstrong
Lance Armstrong

There’s little value in re-hashing the doping history of Lance Armstrong; at least the history as reported in USADA’s Reasoned Decision, published last week. Depending on primarily witness testimony, it is a detailed and thoroughly documented indictment of the cyclist. For years before the report, suspicion of Armstrong’s doping was rampant. The sheer volume and nature of the evidence is overwhelming enough that, as of this writing, all Armstrong’s major sponsors have terminated their contracts, the UCI has officially stripped him of his Tour de France (TdF) victories and banned him from cycling for life, he’s had to resign as Chair of The Lance Armstrong Foundation, and both ASO and SCA Promotions are expecting over $10 million to come back their way. As far as I know Mike Anderson and Floyd Landis also have pending lawsuits involving Armstrong, and I’d expect more to come out of the woodwork as parties defrauded look to get back money out of which they were cheated.

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