Gut Instincts

It’s amazing how quickly five days can evaporate when, between delicate personal issues, work and other distractions, you don’t get anywhere near your daily journaling. Anyway, as I’ve alluded to a little, my preoccupation at the moment happens to be my digestive system. Always a little bit sensitive, I’ve had … Read more


If there’s a word I hate, it’s tepid. Nothing but a negative connotation, I always have a mental image of a cat gingerly dipping it’s paw in water, shaking it off and walking away. From adjective 1. moderately warm; lukewarm: tepid water. 2. characterized by a lack of force … Read more

Cemetery Dislocation

Bad run routing choices in a big snow storm and a little hidden ice begat a hospital adventure on icy roads, a gnarly upper body injury, a week off work and at least three times that long off cycling and running. “Cut through the cemetery” I said to myself. “It’ll … Read more


Holy crap, if this fall and winter hasn’t been the “bugs from hell” season. From mid-September until now, it’s been one thing after another for both Connie and me. I doubt I’ve strung together more than two or three decent weeks of training/fitness in the past three months.

When the treatment causes the pain

One of the less pleasant aspects of going through my 40’s has been the development of allergies. As of my last allergy test, I was allergic to dust, pollen and shellfish. While you don’t see too many clams flying around, the dust and pollen in the air has made me very sensitive to the change of seasons. Over the past few years the bad sinuses I’ve always had have also intensified, and I’ve noticed a general propensity for more frequent headaches.

Read moreWhen the treatment causes the pain