Kicking cancer’s ass

Cancer touches almost all of us directly or indirectly. Finding a cure is very important to me, as I’ve lost relatives to the disease and have a healthy wife, in part, due to the kind of research this fundraising supports. I’ve actually surpassed my $2500 goal by almost $300 as of this writing, and now I’m just going to see how much further I can take it. Please help me get there by donating at my fundraising page.

Ride2Survive is a one day, 400k group road ride from Kelowna to Delta, in June 2012, and is the largest independent fundraising event for the Canadian Cancer Society, raising $1.5 million in the past seven years. Beginning at 3:30am and ending around 10pm, everyone starts and finishes as a group. The ride entails 12,000 of climbing over Pennask Summit and the Coquihalla.

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Becoming vegetarian again and other lifestyle changes

When I became a vegetarian the first time, it was a long time ago – probably about 19 years or so.  When I first turned my back on consuming animal products, I was all-in from the start.  I went vegan – and I do mean vegan – first thing.  No meat of any kind, no fish, no eggs, no dairy and avoiding whenever possible anything made from animal by-products.  Oddly enough, the genesis of this transformation occurred when I heard Neil Bernard on the radio, which led me to reading John Robbins’ Diet for a New America and many more such books.  Peter Singer’s Animal Liberation probably had the single biggest impact on me.  Since then, I’ve never consumed mammal or fowl, but did return to lacto-ovo enhancements several years ago and began eating seafood again probably two years ago.

While I started by focusing on health, vegetarianism quickly became more of an ethical issue for me than one of health.  I became well informed on the ills of factory farming and large-scale animal husbandry, joined EarthSave Canada and even served on their Board of Directors for a time, handling some communication and web work for them many years ago.  I left the organization as planning for their inaugural Taste of Health was getting underway.  It still seems to be going strong and I might just have to attend this year.

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