Animal Arbitrariness

The past couple of weeks has been interesting to me, in that a few seemingly unrelated stories highlight just how arbitrary our feelings about animals can be. The randomness of which is usually a direct result of how humans benefit from animal exploitation, and we’re often completely unaware of it. Far worse though, is celebrities talking a good game while laughing about their hypocrisy.


There’s a special breed of dog person who has their animal off-leash at all times, everywhere. We may see a bit more of it because we live right by one of the larger off-leash parks in Vancouver, but it’s all over our neighbourhood.

Brody the rescue dog

I’m not sure we were ready for a new dog, but we’ve ended up with a great little friend. Also, a few points to keep in mind when considering from whom you’ll adopt your dog. Not all rescues are created equal, nor do all of them do it for the right reasons.