2014 Victoria Granfondo; riding ugly

On most any count that matters, it was a great day. The ugly was pretty much all me and my legs. I can’t really complain because the weather was great, the course was beautiful, the on-course volunteers killed it, and I had no mechanicals or bike-related issues. I was probably a good 40 minutes slower than I’d hoped, but pretty much anything can happen during 264km on a bike with lots of climbing.

2014 Sun Run report and thoughts

I had one of my two go-to race breakfasts, opting for the double serving of oatmeal with brown sugar. The forecast had been for rain and a high of 10 celsius all week, so my weather expectations were low. But, I prepped by wearing a compression liner and a t-shirt and ended up not being too warm, though I could have managed with just the tee. The rain never materialized but the temperature forecast was correct and it was only about 8 celsius at 9am.

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