2014 St. Patrick’s Day 5k

While it’s hard to write a lengthy race report on a 5k, there’s always something to learn be reminded of from any event and this was no exception. As I’ve been training more consistently and staying healthy, apparently I have to re-learn an old racing lesson.

I’ve had some decent training recently, and based on how my tempo runs and interval workouts had been going, I expected to do this race in under 20 minutes – not ‘fast’ yet, based on where my training is, but I should have been able to hold a sub-4:00/km pace for the duration. It wasn’t that I finished about half a minute over that goal that was troubling, rather it was the way I ended up there.

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2014 Chilly Chase 15k

I wanted to make sure I had a gauge for the First Half on February 16th. I’d contemplated the MEC 5k in Richmond last week or the Richmond Icebreaker 8k next week, but neither of those would allow me to set an expectation for a half marathon. The Chilly Chase 15k was a much better fit in that sense. The first race of the 2014 season, after several months away from racing, was a solid run; a decent start.

Editorial note: While not a big field, I was reasonably happy to end up 9th overall out of 195 runners and 4th in my M40-49 age group.

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When the treatment causes the pain

One of the less pleasant aspects of going through my 40’s has been the development of allergies. As of my last allergy test, I was allergic to dust, pollen and shellfish. While you don’t see too many clams flying around, the dust and pollen in the air has made me very sensitive to the change of seasons. Over the past few years the bad sinuses I’ve always had have also intensified, and I’ve noticed a general propensity for more frequent headaches.

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