A little under a year ago we moved across the Strait of Georgia to live in Victoria, ostensibly permanently. Then, on October 15th, my wife was informed that she could apply for a new job or take a package and leave her company. It didn’t take her long to choose option B, leaving her employer of 22 years behind by December 31st at the latest. Suddenly, my wife would be unemployed as of the new year, our rental lease was up January 31st, we hadn’t bought a place yet, and I’ve extended my Vancouver job leave by another year. We’re travelling!

Expedia provides customer experience from hell

You couldn’t write this story if you tried. My experience with Expedia customer service was so wretchedly bad over the past year that I really do wonder how they’ve stayed in business. In behaviour that ranged from merely apathetic to rude and dishonest, Expedia demonstrates how to ensure a company doesn’t get (this customer’s) repeat business.