The so-so Vancouver Marathon marketing customer experience

Since I’m a little cranky about email marketing and spam, I thought it might just be me. However, when I saw a couple tweets yesterday echoing my feelings, I knew I probably wasn’t overreacting. On New Year’s Eve, I registered for the BMO Vancouver Marathon half. Within a couple days I got an email from them encouraging me to register. My immediate thought was, “WTF?”

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Rosenfeld Media Toronto UX workshops

Last week I hit Toronto for three workshops organized by Rosenfeld Media. Since I had to fly to Toronto to do them, it only made sense to do all three. My main purpose was, admittedly, to take Lou Rosenfeld’s Adaptable Information Architecture workshop, but I ended up with three very full days, the central theme of which was essentially to become leaner and more agile, and in the process, more productive.

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Designing with Agile with Anders Ramsay

Anders Ramsay was really an unknown entity for me as I got to day three. Like the other two workshops, this one was based on his book of the same name, though this one is yet-to-be published in 2013. The nice thing about Anders’ workshop is that, where the other two focused on ways of improving existing designs or those in progress, Designing with Agile was really about turning traditional initial design approaches on their collective heads.

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Adaptable Information Architecture with Lou Rosenfeld

Lou Rosenfeld has been a well-known information architect for many years, with a strong and varied consulting background. Back in the 90’s he wrote what is still likely considered THE bible on IA (and a must read for anyone who does this stuff). Organizing content for a web build, designing navigation, labeling, application and user flows, and page layouts are the types of things I’ve probably done for the longest, going back well over a decade, so IA is still what I think of as my bread and butter.

safys book coverWhile I have used both open and closed card sorts, and other tools such as personas and basic web analytics to good effect, I’ve always felt my IA toolkit to be a little weak. This workshop really focused on the topic of Lou’s latest book, Search Analytics for Your Site, and gave me some great insights into things I can do almost immediately, to not only improve my practice, but to hopefully have a positive impact on our main web property in a more rapid and iterative fashion.

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