Not Bailing

I know I’m journaling pretty well-worn territory, but my first goal is to build the habit of daily writing. So, for now things are kind of mundane.

Two days ago I lamented the fact I haven’t been good at sticking to my fall/winter base training plans and wondered aloud why I bailed on a hard but short trainer workout that evening. That was followed by a day in which I did not carve out enough time for my planned 5-8k run, nor my body weight strength routine, due to a team lunch and evening plans.

Then today, might have been a twinge of guilt at work, because I figured I’d try to catch up a bit by snagging a medium 7k run at lunch …

Then, follow that up with an hour of sweet spot trainer riding tonight …

Better than bailing, 33 minutes at 85% FTP

Better than bailing, 33 minutes at 85% FTP

Hopefully these will turn into another run tomorrow and my weekend bike and run on Saturday and Sunday. Thing is, we’ve decided to get all remaining inside decorating and Christmas food and booze shopping done on the weekend, too, so things could be a bit busy.

Gee, maybe I should prioritize and keep not bailing.