The End is Nigh

For many, winter is synonymous with death, and for good reason. While the west coast where I live is usually wet and mild, it’s more common in Canada to experience long periods of subzero temperatures, snow, dry air, rock hard turf and icy streets and sidewalks.

For the past couple weeks, Vancouver folk have been enjoying similar conditions to the rest of the country. When your metro city has poorly planned transit, bad drivers and very little experience with hazardous conditions, this weather throws the entire region into chaos.

Even without transportation and mobility issues, it can put a real monkey wrench into normal stuff like running and dog walking. Even sprouting solo from patio seams, plants like the one below would usually be green and perky. Instead, the blackened curling leaves suggest the end is nigh.

Is the end really nigh, or does it just feel that way?


We’re supposed to break into more normal rain and seasonal temperatures next week. That can’t happen soon enough.