Brody the rescue dog

I’m not sure we were ready for a new dog, but we’ve ended up with a great little friend. Also, a few points to keep in mind when considering from whom you’ll adopt your dog. Not all rescues are created equal, nor do all of them do it for the right reasons.

Veggie bouquets and animal brickbats for the Canadian Red Cross

I’ve never wanted to be one of those vegetarians. In truth, at one time several years ago, I probably was one of those vegetarians. You know, proud of my lifestyle choice and verging on being preachy and sanctimonious about it to others. I volunteered for, and donated to, the cause and advocated on behalf of animals to the point of being absolutely convinced that everyone who didn’t make similar choices was wrong. I am sure I offended as many people as I educated.

The Canadian Red Cross
Is animal welfare important to the Canadian Red Cross?

I still donate, but I’ve mellowed and, while I still believe strongly in the values behind vegetarianism, I also try to take myself a little less seriously, even if that means taking a few light-hearted jabs from co-workers and just letting a lot of stuff go. I found it impossible to turn the other cheek, though, when I received an email from the Canadian Red Cross last week.

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Seasonal wishes for religion, animals and greed

Given what Jesus purportedly stood for, I’m not sure he would have been too keen on how we’ve contorted his birthday celebration into an orgy for the senses. The reality, though, is that fewer people are attending church and, for many of us, Christmas is simply an excuse for overindulgence of all kinds. I’m probably no different than most people. I enjoy getting more time with my adult sons, sharing a few treats with family and friends, eating a little more than I should and getting some extended time away from the office.  We haven’t exchanged gifts for years, but enjoy the sense of warmth and togetherness the season brings.

Since I assign no religious significance to my seasonal celebrations I always end up a little melancholy this time of year when I think about everything Christmas.  As such, as we prepare to tuck into our Boxing Day leftovers, the things I wish for pretty much remain constant, year in and year out.  I don’t really think the following things have a snowball’s chance in Hell of changing much, but wouldn’t it be nice if they did?

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