11 weeks to Boston – a sick one

I didn’t manage to come anywhere near my 34-36 predicted miles this week, but I got sick, was off work for a couple days and was in the throes of finishing a final paper for one of my courses. Not a good week for training, but it ended on a pretty positive note, with a really decent long run. I was a little scared of this one because it meant pushing into pretty long distance and I didn’t know how my lower ab was going to respond.

I only got in two runs, no cross-training and it was too cold in the mornings – with a hint of slickness – making a bike trip too scary. Things are looking up on the cycle commute front this coming week. As of this writing it’s very cold tonight, but it’s supposed to be fairly mild during the day and above zero overnight all week.

Since I really didn’t lose any fitness based on today’s long run, and I was still feeling the symptoms of this week’s bad sinus bug, I’m pretty hopeful for the coming week.


Mileage: 23.82
Monday weigh-in: 167.0

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