13 weeks to Boston – a recovery week

Under normal circumstances I might not have used this week as a recovery. And, I guess it’s hard to call a week where you still increase your long run a recovery week, however, I reduced the mid-week runs to two with a total of a little under twelve miles. It turned out to be a pretty good decisions as my first run of 16 miles felt pretty good.

I got pretty busy with a paper and ended up dropping all cross-training, with only one cycle commute, so I’ll just make sure I ramp things up next week and hit 35-36 miles, beginning to focus a little on speedwork. I held strong at the same weight and would really like to get my cycle commuting regular enough to help me drop a pound or two (or my snacking down a bit).


Mileage: 27.88
Monday weigh-in: 168.8 (again)

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14 weeks to Boston

The weather keeps improving so that is a very good thing. The first week back after the Christmas break would have been nice for cycle commuting, but the roads weren’t supporting that yet. There’s always the coming week to get that back into gear. While I have no residual pain in my abdominals, I do still have a bit of tightness after the longer stuff and that’s a bit disconcerting because I took so long off, developed a solid regimen of rehab and strengthening, and am being so cautious as to how I get my running back.

While my medical exams and physio consultations had indicated that the lack of swelling and pain to the touch meant it wasn’t a hernia, where the tightness is and some of the reading I’m doing suggests it might be a mild one. I will be getting further medical opinions and considering my options, though I should be able to train for Boston and do the race by being smart and supporting the area properly.

I tried a slightly different strategy this week and did only three runs – 2 eight milers and then my longer 14 on Sunday. While I’m not trying to lose weight per se, I think it would be great if I could drop 10-15 pounds over my training, as it would make the race that much easier and faster. I’m also going to start including a brief note on my weights and cycle-commuting to give a solid weekly activity summary.


Mileage: 30.76
Monday weigh-in: 168.8

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15 weeks to Boston

This week was probably not as bad as last, weather-wise. However, I’m making sure I ease into higher mileage a little more slowly than I had planned, so my mileage is only a tiny bit longer than last week. I’m paranoid of fragile abs and groin muscles, so I make no apologies for changing my strategy. Still seeking a little more pace consistency and will pop 30 miles next week.

Again, I had to use the treadmill a bit, and my long run was about three miles short due to an inexplicably bad run. All in all, it’s a slow build into the mileage and I’m feeling good so far, so that’s the main thing.

Week’s mileage: 26.93

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16 weeks to Boston

This past week was pretty challenging, but I’m rather proud of myself, in that I only managed to miss about three of my 26 miles of running. Plus, everything is feeling pretty strong right now, as long as I stick with my core balance/stability exercises and stretch in all the right places after my run.

While I did have to do some treadmill running, I managed to get out on the road for two of my four runs, including today’s 12 mile slush-fest. I ended up moving a couple workouts, but I didn’t skip them and that’s the main thing.

The picture at right is just south of my house and was taken on Christmas Eve. Needless to say, earlier in the week I was on the treadmill. Click on it to see full-size, and a few other morsels from the worst Vancouver snow in at least a decade.

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17 weeks until Boston

There was nothing remarkable about my running for the first week of training. I’m not sure if I’ll detail future training posts individually or with just a weekly recap like this – likely the latter. I’ve taken a marathon training program and modified it a bit to keep it to four regular days of running per week, to keep the other pieces of my life sane. With the family, the work and the Master’s degree, time is not something I have in abundance. I have the whole 18 weeks scheduled in Google Calendar, fill in actual details in the comments and then use that data to post here.


This past year has been horrific. I suffered a significant lower abdominal strain in the spring which forced me to pull out of the summer season of ultimate, two road races and two triathlons, including my first planned half iron distance tri. I am pretty healthy now, though I will get the odd groin or abdominal ache. I’ve been through a fair bit of rehab and physio in the spring and early summer and have a regimen of core, balance and stretching I do, keeping things pretty good. Other than the deep freeze of the past week or so, I also have returned to regular cycle commuting after a many-year absence and it seems to really strengthen the whole lower body, so it will become a routine. If I can add a Saturday 1-1.5 hour trainer ride throughout the winter, all the better.

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