My journal is effectively my scratchpad. Every so often something I want to write about comes to mind. Sometimes I do writing exercises or experiment with something. I journal things of occasional interest. That's about it. It's possible that will change some day.

Island Hopping Part 2: Salt Spring & Galiano Islands

Island Hopping Part 1: The Pacific Rim

July 2019, Week 1

Being Gorgeous

Building Better Habits

Get a Crown

The only thing 4/20 Vancouver is protesting is paying their way

Are some stratas helping Airbnb hurt housing affordability?

A new chapter, part 2

A new chapter

If you’re voting for Kennedy Stewart, read this

2018 Vancouver Municipal Election Slate

Progressing to Simple

Cemetery Dislocation

Animal Arbitrariness

Hope and Optimism

Donald Trump is saving me at least $1200

A Victoria birthday weekend with a (better) half

Should Pit Bulls be banned?

Blogging renovation part 4; Contractor

We’re easily sold a bill of racist (and other BS) goods

Blogging renovation part 3: Revelation

A considerably smaller BC speed limit cash grab

Blogging renovation part 2: Middle

Blogging renovation part 1: Genesis


All I want for Christmas …

The awkward relationship between the BC SPCA and meat

Darby; a dog’s life in pictures

2014 Victoria Granfondo; riding ugly

A fine BCPSEA and BCTF mess

Brody the rescue dog

BC speed limits and cash grabs

Making sense of Christmas

The way she probably wanted to go

Devastating news far too soon

Rosenfeld Media Toronto UX workshops

Designing with Agile with Anders Ramsay

Adaptable Information Architecture with Lou Rosenfeld

Do-it-yourself Usability Testing with Steve Krug

Detesting Lance Armstrong: Why it’s not about the dope


Roger Waters breathes new life into 33 year old Wall

Why anti-cyclists have it wrong

Seasonal wishes for religion, animals and greed

Expedia provides customer experience from hell

Sled dog cull outrage reveals our complicated relationship with animals

Bad behaviour? Blame people, not social web tools

Persona non grata in the United States of America

Getting to the thesis research

Grokking the literature review

Defining thesis research questions

Pondering the thesis

Can you really design experience?

2009 Boston Marathon race report

When delivery method and subject matter are the same

Grappling with the reality of always-on

Serious barriers to going open

Does tech make us stupid, or just rude?

A reversable food crisis