Blogging renovation part 1: Genesis

After a lengthy search for a contractor we liked, we’re finally doing something that’s many years overdue. Over the next six weeks or so, we’ll be getting rid of all kinds of 80s design nostalgia as we pave over our kitchen, bathrooms and some areas of flooring. Gone are the lino and laminate, making way for new tile, wood and quartz.


There’s a special breed of dog person who has their animal off-leash at all times, everywhere. We may see a bit more of it because we live right by one of the larger off-leash parks in Vancouver, but it’s all over our neighbourhood.

The awkward relationship between the BC SPCA and meat

Is the SPCA’s insistence on serving meat at their events about animal welfare or really just to broaden appeal and improve fundraising? Does their distinction between animal welfare and rights allows them to pick and choose the level of protection and type of animal to which its afforded? Even if you eat meat, please just consider this post in light of what the SPCA is supposed to be.

Darby; a dog’s life in pictures

I’ve been grappling with something for ten months, when we had to put Darby down. I had intended to write a retrospective post about her life, and started to do so a few times, but I could never find a way to cover eleven years properly. I’ve finally come to the conclusion that, where a dog is concerned, pictures speak much louder than words.