Training for January 2011

This month isn’t going to set any records, but it wouldn’t be much of a 2011 commitment to better journal my training if I missed the first monthly entry.  And, while at 46 my PR’s may all be behind me, I’m not convinced that is the case.  I think I’ve still got records in me, but I’m probably three minutes from that on the 10k and seven minutes or so from that on the half marathon the way I’m running at present.  The only way I’ll back to that form is to journal my racing and training and see if I can figure out why things do or don’t go well.

In terms of training, the goal for this year was to be more consistent with running and do better cross-training. Also, while I’m not doing multi-sport at present I have the Whistler Granfondo planned in September and I like the way cycling uses and strengthens slightly different muscles than running does. Doing both consistently tends to help avoid injury.

The only race I had in January was the Steveston Ice Breaker 8k on January 30th.


Avg Spd
Avg HR
Summary 25 159.56 24:23:49 9.2 145 85 16,182
Cycling 3 38.83 02:10:04 17.9 124 85 1,577
Running 16 120.72 15:13:45 7.9 147 14,605
Resistance 6 07:00:00


With quite a few middle distance road and trail races planned this year, along with probably one or two marathons and maybe even a 50k ultra, running is the most important training for me and I did pretty well for January as a starting point.  I averaged about four runs and 30 miles a week.  I only include the average speed and HR since I have the data.  Every week had an interval session this month and three of the weeks had some small hill repeats and hilly runs.

Resistance and recovery

In truth, resistance for me is a workout that consists of upper body weights, several core/balance exercises and lower body plyometrics.  For the plyometrics, I’m finding the glutes and quads getting stronger and feel like my power is improving on the runs.  All the ab, groin and hernia stuff that has plagued me over the past couple years seems to a distant memory, touch wood.  My goal for January (and every month in truth) was at least two sessions per week, so I fell a little short.

Something else that bares a bit of a mention here … I’ve begun a pretty solid program of rolling after all hard workouts.  I find that it helps push the knots and tightness out of the muscles and aids significantly in recovery.  If I end up piling up the heavy mileage when training for the possible marathons or ultra this year, then I’m sure some new shower and ice bath strategies will creep into my routine.


Obviously I’m not on the road yet, it being January and all, but I didn’t think two or three trainer rides a week was too much to shoot for.  Apparently I was wrong.  I failed miserably on my cycling goals this month.  Whatever happened to those days a decade ago, when I commuted 10k each way to work, five days a week, and then rode long on Saturdays?  I’ve got a good book of trainer workouts that cover endurance, speed, power and more, and I really enjoy the workouts when I do them.  In the interest of honesty, though, the data below shows I’ve got to do a better job integrating cycling into my schedule.

For February

I’ll see how my knee feels, but if I can get closer to five runs and 40 miles a week I’ll be happy.  I know I’ve got to add a few more resistance/plyometric sessions and quite a bit more cycling.  I’m atrocious at using my mornings well.  Just in the past couple days I’ve begun adjusting my bed and waking time with a goal to getting up earlier.  My intention is to be getting up by 6am shortly and using the extra hour in the mornings for trainer rides, short early runs for my two-a-days and the odd plyometric session.

I guess the post I write in a month will tell me how I did.