Training for May 2011

This will be a very short training recap for last month.  With a four day conference mid-month and a trip to Toronto over the last five days of the month, I knew I would be hard pressed to hit my targets.  I came up nearly twenty miles short for cycling and over twenty miles short for running, while I did about half the time in resistance that I wanted to.  Funnily enough though, while I was ten hours and 53 miles shorter than last month, all my other aggregate statistics are better.  That’s right.  My average combined speed and bike cadence were both up, while my average heart rate was down.

I was hoping that May would be a big month of training and I’d get my speed up and my times down a wee bit.  I guess now June will have to be that month.  So far, a week in as I write this, I’m off to a good start.


Activity Count Dist Time Avg Spd Avg HR RPM Cals
Summary 24 224.0 23:42:09 13.3 131 88 15,840
Cycling 10 168.55 10:08:00 16.6 123 88 8,934
Running 8 55.45 06:39:08 8.3 142 6,906
Resistance 6 06:55:00