Mostly Structure & Flow

I make digital things as easy as possible to use, by balancing business goals with the needs of people who use them. I research, observe, label, organize, design and test things with people.

What Do I Do?

I am a seasoned digital professional with government, educational, corporate and agency experience. I've had a significant role in the UX strategy and management of some pretty large, high traffic customer/employee-facing web properties and I've designed and built many things online.

I'm currently working in an Agile lab environment for the BC government, doing UX work for BC Registries & Online Services. My team is building a platform of modern web applications to replace several ageing mainframe ones.

How do I do it?

Whenever possible I try to follow a design thinking approach. It's more lean and iterative than traditional waterfall design and development, and fits better with Agile. The steps outlined below are simply a typical approach I like to use to get the best results. The definition, solutioning and prototyping work is often iterative and cyclical.

I talk to stakeholders and users, ask questions and look at existing data to determine the current situation.

Starting with the discovery outcome, I use mixed methods like co-design and journey mapping with real users to define opportunities and options.

Working primarily with other designers and developers, I use problem and opportunity outputs to develop solution options.

I take possible solutions and workshop/validate them with real users again to produce tested designs for development.

What have I done?

I prefer to work in education or public benefit sectors, and make the things people need to do easier. In the past several years, I have been in larger blended project and UX lead roles, done UX work only, and some WordPress theming and site projects.

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Where have I done it?

I am currently a UX lead with a large BC government ministry, and have been a senior UX designer at a large post-secondary institute, an agency interactive lead, a major municipality webmaster, a telecom senior portal producer and more. Instead of me posting what amounts to a summary resume or work history, just take a look at my LinkedIn profile for that information.