I make digital things as easy as possible to use, by balancing business goals with the needs of people who use them. I research, define, label and organize, design interactions, and love testing hypotheses.

What Do I Do?

I am a seasoned digital professional with government, educational, corporate and agency experience. I've had a significant role in the UX strategy and management of some pretty large, high traffic customer/employee-facing web properties and I've designed and built many things online.

How Do I Do It?

Whenever possible I try to follow a design thinking approach. It's more lean and iterative than traditional waterfall design and development, and fits far better with Agile.

Understanding. I ask questions and look at existing data to determine the current situation.

The problem(s). Starting with discovery outcome, I use mixed methods collaborative stakeholder storytelling and mapping exercises to define opportunities.

IA & Interaction Design
Solution(s). Working primarily with designers and developers, I use problem definition outputs to develop flows, site maps and wireframes and other foundational design outputs.

Prototype & Test

I've been coordinating the bits and pieces and people to build and launch digital stuff for two decades. I've worked in both Agile and Waterfall, and focus relentlessy on end-users.

What Have I Done?

I’ve been on a post-secondary in-house digital team for the past 11 years, so the samples I have reflect that context. Not so much focused on cool start-up type products, but rather web and application work often for student recruitment and marketing purposes. Further, the work I do usually falls into one of three types; larger blended PM/UX roles, doing UX deliverable work only, and small-medium WordPress theming and site builds for campaigns and events.

Where Have I Worked?

I am currently a senior UX analyst on a large post-secondary web team, and have been an agency interactive lead, a major municipality webmaster, a telecom senior portal producer and more. Instead of me posting what amounts to a summary resume or work history, just take a look at my LinkedIn profile for that information.