UX Producer

An information architect, interaction designer and project lead with a focus on research-driven user-centred design, I'm happiest when I'm figuring out what people need and making digital things to meet those needs. I develop and build with WordPress, too. I follow a reliable, proven process and use the right techniques and tools for the job at hand.

My Approach

I can work in any or all of the areas below. However, I find my ideal role is leading research and UX design activities as part of broader project lead responsibilities. I have experience with both waterfall and agile methodologies. For web site and application development, I find better results are achieved with agile-based design sprints.

What I do ...

Research & Discovery - I use mixed methods to understand your problem, your business, your stakeholders and your customers.

Information Architecture & Interaction Design - A research-based, iterative approach to structure, design and prototyping, validating with real users often.

Testing & Validation - Multi-modal user testing to determine where problems exist, and if solutions are hitting the mark.

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As I work in-house, and have for a number of years, what I can share online is limited. If you would like to view a few samples of my work, contact me for access.