This was a bit larger project than some of my other one-off WordPress micro-sites. For several years, BCIT had the Update Blog, a large WordPress site where all key institutional communications were published. Marketing Communications decided they wanted to start nearly fresh, with a clean, responsive design at a new URL. A simpler structure with large featured images, a tiled homepage layout, and better featuring of student stories.


  • child theme design & customization
  • site build
  • project & client management
  • cloning, duplicating and redirecting strategy for content


In addition to the overview at top, they also needed to start with about 220 of their old stories, with all old URLs redirecting to the new ones. Plus, they needed access to all the old content in a separate, new publicly-inaccessible archive, so they could continue to import stories on a case-by-case basis if needed. There was a lot of moving, renaming and redirection going on, but it gave me a pretty quick lesson in what did and didn’t work.


The old Update Blog
  • New, simpler and cleaner responsive news site.
  • Story idea submission capabilities.
  • Responsive (mobile-first) design.
  • Seed content import, URL redirection, media and related issues.

The new site is available here, while the old Update blog (right) has been archived for staff access only.

The new homepage

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