Client WordPress

These are going back some time, before I was at BCIT and long before WordPress became the full CMS it is today. I’m just including these to demonstrate that I’ve been working with the platform since its early days.

DA Architects + Planners

I did this project for a Vancouver architectural firm not long before I left the creative agency I was with at the time. The large image is the final homepage screen cap and below that are a few of the planning wireframes I developed. Click to enlarge any image below.

BC Hydro Powersmart Awards & Forum

BC Hydro has an annual recognition event for businesses that conserve energy use. They were a client of the agency I was working at. While most of this was a fairly simple theming project involving slicing Photoshop comps and CSS/HTML work, I had to hand code a pretty complex event guide with displays, presentations and presenter bios. Unfortunately, I don’t have much collateral from a decade ago, so this screen comp will have to suffice.

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