This highlights some of my work with BCIT's Commons WordPress platform, including a few small-to-medium sized recent project builds. These small campaign and project builds are often developed in live beta. I also co-manage the platform, plugins, network site setup and user access, and have been building and customizing WordPress themes for about 15 years overall, including some client work prior to BCIT.

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BCIT News (2017)

New – BCIT News
Old – Update blog

This was a bit larger project than the ones below. For the past several years, BCIT has had the Update Blog, a large WordPress site where all key institutional communications were published. Marketing Communications decided they wanted to start nearly fresh, with a clean, responsive news site at a new URL. A simpler structure with large featured images, a tiled homepage layout, and better featuring of student stories.

However, they also needed to start with about 220 of their old stories, with all old URLs redirecting to the new ones. Plus, they needed access to all the old content in a separate, new publicly-inaccessible archive, so they could continue to import stories on a case-by-case basis if needed.

There was a lot of moving, renaming and redirection going on, but it gave me a pretty quick lesson in what did and didn’t work.


  • New, simpler and cleaner responsive news site.
  • Story idea submission capabilities.
  • Responsive (mobile-first) design.
  • Seed content import, URL redirection, media and related issues.

What I did:

  • theme customization
  • site build
  • project & client management
  • cloning, duplicating and redirecting strategy for content

The new site is available here, while the old Update blog has been archived for staff access only.

BCIT 50th Anniversary (2015)

Desktop 50th Anniversary site

BCIT’s Marketing Communications department wanted a responsive site for its 50th anniversary celebrations. For the most part, this was a brochure site, highlighting events and news. However, it also needed to accommodate an interactive homepage timeline history slider and the signature “Colour Your Campus” contest, allowing faculty, staff and students to submit photo entries outlining installations they would design to brighten up various areas of the Burnaby campus.

This was really my first major effort using Gravity Forms. It’s since become one of my go-to plugins for rapid WordPress site development.


  • Copy and images highlighting BCIT’s 50th anniversary celebrations.
  • Several contest entry forms with automatic date-based cut-offs, allowing image attachment/copy submissions.
  • Responsive (mobile-first) design.

What I did:

  • theme development (with a colleague)
  • site build
  • plugin research and sourcing for entry forms and timeline slider
  • Gravity Forms contest entry forms and interaction design

While this event has long passed, it was still available the last time I checked.

BCIT Viewbook (2016)

BCIT Viewbook

BCIT prints a viewbook every year, targeted primarily at high school students. For fall 2016, I built a small companion site on our WordPress platform. The print and web piece both feature lots of student and campus imagery, while the strategy is to drive users from the print piece to this site, with the calls-to-action then driving them to key landing pages on BCIT’s public web site.


  • Focused mostly on imagery, light on copy.
  • Clear calls-to-action to book tours, search programs or attend information sessions.
  • Responsive (mobile-first) design.

What I did:

  • theme development
  • site build
  • client management

You can visit the site here, as well.

This site is fairly heavy on social media content for its small size, utilizing a blended Juicer feed of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram content on a couple of pages, along with big YouTube campus/student videos.

Older Client Samples

These are going back some time, before I was at BCIT and long before WordPress became the full CMS it is today. I’m just including these to demonstrate that I’ve been working with the platform since its early days.

DA Architects + Planners

I did this project for a Vancouver architectural firm not long before I left the creative agency I was with at the time. The large image is the final homepage screen cap and below that are a few of the planning wireframes I developed. Click to enlarge any image below.

2007 BC Hydro Powersmart Awards & Forum

Click to enlarge
BC Hydro has an annual recognition event for businesses that conserve energy use. They were a client of the agency I was working at. While most of this was a fairly simple theming project involving slicing Photoshop comps and CSS/HTML work, I had to hand code a pretty complex event guide with displays, presentations and presenter bios. Unfortunately, I don’t have much collateral from a decade ago, so this screen comp will have to suffice.