Student Intake Registration Flows

This project was part of was a very large review of all institutional processes for student applications into programs, which were varied and numerous. The overarching goal of this project was to streamline the general processes and reducing variations. I was asked to map out front-end user touchpoints.

What I did:

  • business analysis
  • flow diagramming
  • UI screen planning

Challenges & Process

Requirements were almost entirely technical for this project by the time I was involved. Existing business processes had been revised and mapped, and desired improvements were envisioned almost entirely from the business point of view. Vendor selection had already occurred prior to determining all aspects of what the new system would need to do and, again, as I wouldn’t be involved in the project in later development/implementation phases, I was only working with internal resources to clarify and map out a flow for web implementation.

  • The first phase involved leading brainstorming/whiteboarding sessions where I asked business leaders to ‘put on their student/applicant hat’ and envision what they’d like the experience to be. This was hard, but very useful, as it helped reduce myopia and got stakeholders outside their comfort zones.
  • The second phase involved working with the business analyst who had mapped the existing/desired business processes, to reduce them down to the front-end touchpoints our students/applicants would experience, and thus help me map out the front-end web flow.

The final product

I developed the flow below in Omnigraffle, to be used as a user interface inventory/application map, which was then used for wireframes and interaction specs. After this stage was complete, the project took a very different direction, but as my flow was still used as a high level application plan, I feel the process and deliverable were worthy of inclusion here.

Student Intake Process Final Flow

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